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My So Called Life Cast
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The My So-called Life TV show was a 60 minute drama series on ABC about a 15-year-old girl who decided that her goody-two-shoes existence as the perfect daughter and student was not necessarily making her happy. She changed her friends, died her hair crimson, changed her fashion choices, and began a new life that didn't appeal much to her parents and former friends.

My So-called Life Cast

Claire Danes .... Angela Chase
Bess Armstrong .... Patty Chase
Devon Gummersall .... Brian Krakow
Tom Irwin .... Graham Chase
Wilson Cruz .... Rickie Vasquez
Lisa Wilhoit .... Danielle Chase
Devon Odessa .... Sharon Cherski
A.J. Langer .... Rayanne Graff
Jared Leto .... Jordan Catalano

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

My So-called Life - The First And Only Season

  1. Pilot Episode (8/25/1994)
  2. Dancing In The Dark (9/1/1994)
  3. Guns And Gossip (9/8/1994)
  4. Father Figures (9/15/1994)
  5. The Zit (9/22/1994)
  6. The Substitute (9/29/1994)
  7. Why Jordan Can't Read (10/6/1994)
  8. Strangers In The House (10/20/1994)
  9. Halloween (10/27/1994)
  10. Other People's Mothers (11/3/1994)
  11. Life Of Brian (11/10/1994)
  12. Self-Esteem (11/17/1994)
  13. Pressure (12/1/1994)
  14. On The Wagon (12/8/1994)
  15. So-Called Angels (12/22/1994)
  16. Resolutions (1/5/1995)
  17. Betrayal (1/12/1995)
  18. Weekend (1/19/1995)
  19. In Dreams Begin Responsibilites (1/26/1995)

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