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The Mullets

The Mullets Cast

Series Description

The Mullets TV show was a 30 minute comedy series on UPN (now the CW Network) about two brothers who co-owned a contracting business.

The Mullets Cast

Michael Weaver .......... Dwayne Mullet
Loni Anderson ........... Mandi Mullet-Heidecker
John O'Hurley ........... Roger Heidecker
David Hornsby ........... Denny Mullet

The Mullets Trivia


There were three episodes of the Mullets TV Show that were produced but did not originally air after The Mullets was canceled. Their titles were:

Airway to Heaven
Sweeeet Emotion
Roger Gone Wild

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. Pilot Episode Smackdown (9/11/2003)
  2. Love Freakin' Story (9/16/2003)
  3. Raging Waters (9/23/2003)
  4. Touched by a Mullet (9/30/2003)
  5. Grudge Match (10/7/2003)
  6. Smoke on the Water (10/14/2003)
  7. Losin' It (3/10/2004)
  8. Silent But Deadly (3/17/2004)

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