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Mr. Merlin

Mr. Merlin Cast
Series Description

The Mr. Merlin TV show was a 30 minute fantasy/comedy series on CBS about an auto mechanic who also happened to be a magician. His 15-year-old apprentice Zac often got himself into trouble due to his inexperience in using magic. Merlin then had to assist Zac in fixing whatever he had goofed up. The series also dealt with Merlin and Zac's attempts to hide their powers from others.

Mr. Merlin Cast

Barnard Hughes .............. Max Merlin
Clark Brandon ............... Zachary Rogers
Jonathan Prince ............. Leo Samuels
Elaine Joyce ................ Alexandra

Mr. Merlin Trivia

The Mr. Merlin TV show took place in San Francisco, California.

Mr. Merlin was the same Merlin that we all know from King Arthur's Court. During the series' run it was disclosed that Merlin was 1600 years old!

When Mr. Merlin was in King Arthur's day, the King was determined by who could pull a sword out of a stone. In the modern day, Mr. Merlin found his apprentice when Zac was able to pull a crowbar out of a block of cement.

Bill Bixby ("My Favorite Martian") directed six episodes of Mr. Merlin. John Astin ("The Addams Family" also directed one.

The only mortal who knew about Merlin and Zac's magical powers was Zac's best friend Leo Samuels.

Jonathan Prince gave up acting in 1994 in order to pursue a career behind the cameras as a writer/director/producer. He has since been a driving force behind many TV series including "Grown Ups", "American Dreams", "Cane", and "The Cleaner"!

Mr. Merlin had a mission. He was supposed to teach Zac how to master magic so that he could help other teens in trouble. Being a typical 15-year-old boy, Zac was more interested in using his magic to get girls.

If you never watched Mr. Merlin, you may still know Barnard Hughes from his role as "Buzz Richman" on the TV show, "Blossom".

If you liked fantasy comedy series, you had a choice in Mr. Merlin's time slot. If you didn't care for Mr. Merlin, you could change the channel to ABC and watch "The Greatest American Hero" but then you would have also missed, "WKRP in Cincinnati" which followed Mr. Merlin.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Mr. Merlin - The First and Only Season

  1. The Cloning of the Green (10/14/1981)
  2. Starsand (10/21/1981)
  3. The Music's in Me (10/28/1981)
  4. All About Sheila (11/4/1981)
  5. The Two Faces of Zac (11/11/1981)
  6. A Moment in Camelot (11/18/1981)
  7. A Message from Wallshime (12/2/1981)
  8. Take My Tonsils... Please! (12/9/1981)
  9. The Ache (12/23/1981)
  10. Not So Sweet Sixteen (12/30/1981)
  11. Romeo and Dreidelwood (1/6/1982)
  12. Getting to Know You (1/18/1982)
  13. Alex Goes Popless (1/25/1982)
  14. Everything's Coming Up Daisies (2/1/1982)
  15. The Egg and Us (2/8/1982)
  16. How to Help a Gymnast in a Foreign Country (2/15/1982)
  17. Change of Venue - Part 1 (2/22/1982)
  18. Change of Venue - Part 2 (2/22/1982)
  19. An Absence of Amulets (3/1/1982)
  20. Arrivederci, Dink (3/15/1982)
  21. I Was a Teenage Loser (3/22/1982)

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