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Mr. Magoo

Mr. Magoo Characters

Series Description

Mr. Magoo was a 30 minute kids cartoon series that aired in syndication about an old man with severe nearsightedness who persistently thought that he was seeing things other than what was really there. Some of his best cartoons featured him setting out to go to the movies but ending out on an airplane and thinking that he was in a bowling alley when he was actually in a glass bottle factory.

Mr. Magoo Characters:


Jim Backus ................... Mr. Magoo
Mel Blanc .................... Tycoon Magoo
Jerry Hausner ................ Waldo
Paul Frees ................... Police Officer
Bea Benaderet ................ Mother Magoo
Frank Nelson ................. Narrator


Episodes List With Original Air Dates

NOTE: Since Mr. Magoo Cartoons aired in syndication, air dates varied from one station to another during 1960.

The First Season

  1. Magoo's Bear
  2. Military Magoo
  3. Mis-Guided Missile
  4. Base on Bawls
  5. Magoo Gets His Man
  6. Magoo's Buggy
  7. Martian Magoo
  8. Pet Sitters
  9. Thin-Skinned Diver
  10. A Day at the Beach
  11. Fish 'n Tricks
  12. Robinson Crusoe Magoo
  13. Beatnik Magoo
  14. Magoo's Jackpot
  15. Masquerader Magoo
  16. Top the Music
  17. Eagle Eye Magoo
  18. Fox Pass
  19. The Billionaire
  20. Mother's Cooking
  21. People Are a Scream
  22. Who's Lion
  23. Double Trouble Double Trouble
  24. Mother's Little Helper
  25. Top Pro Magoo
  26. Beau Jest
  27. Bring 'em Back Waldo
  28. Trees a Crowd
  29. Shotgun Magoo
  30. The Real McGoys
  31. This Is the Life
  32. Night Club Magoo
  33. Sing Sing Fling
  34. South Pacific Potluck
  35. From Here to Fraternity
  36. High and Flighty
  37. Rassle Hassle
  38. Go West, Magoo
  39. The Reunion
  40. The Vacuum Caper
  41. Insomniac Magoo
  42. Requiem for a Bull
  43. Saddle Battle
  44. Hermits Hideaway
  45. High Spy Magoo
  46. Soft Shoe Magoo
  47. Cuckoo Magoo
  48. Fuel in the Sun
  49. Indoor Outing
  50. Life Can Be Miserable
  51. Lost Vegas
  52. Magoo's Icebox
  53. Foot Loose Moose
  54. Lady in Black
  55. Riding Hood Magoo
  56. Robin Hood Magoo
  57. Teenage Magoo
  58. Record Breakers
  59. Green Thumb Magoo
  60. Lionhearted Magoo
  61. Magoo Meets Frankenstein
  62. First Aid Magoo
  63. Magoo and the Beanstalk
  64. Magoo's Western Exposure
  65. Bar-B-Q Magoo
  66. Magoo Meets McBoing Boing
  67. Magoo's Gorilla Friend
  68. Buccaneer Magoo
  69. Decorator Magoo
  70. Magoo's Dutch Treat
  71. Cast Iron Magoo
  72. Foxy Magoo
  73. Marshal Magoo
  74. Maestro Magoo
  75. Night Fright
  76. Magoo and the Medium
  77. Tycoonland
  78. Angler Magoo
  79. Food Feud
  80. Ten Strike Magoo
  81. Magoo's Birthday Cake
  82. Marco Magoo
  83. Three Ring Magoo
  84. Campaigner Magoo
  85. Magoo's Last Stand
  86. Magoo's Pets
  87. Dangerous Dan Magoo
  88. Fire Chief Magoo
  89. Hamlet on Rye
  90. Choo Choo Magoo
  91. Safety Magoo
  92. S'No Ball Magoo
  93. Magoo's Houseboy
  94. Magoo's Vacuum Cleaner
  95. Slim Trim Magoo
  96. Goo Goo Magoo
  97. Magoo's Dog
  98. Prince Charming Magoo
  99. Gasser Magoo
  100. Magoo's Caesar Solid
  101. Magoo's Goal-Post
  102. Buffalo Magoo
  103. Cupid Magoo
  104. Hunter Magoo
  105. Gangbuster Magoo
  106. Goldilocks Magoo
  107. Magoo's Hamster
  108. Magoo and Cholly
  109. Magoo's Safari Tale
  110. Magoo's TV Set
  111. Magoo's Gnu
  112. Perils of Magoo
  113. Tut Tut Magoo
  114. Fixit Magoo
  115. Hula Magoo
  116. Speedway Magoo
  117. Composer Magoo
  118. Magoo Goes Shopping
  119. Short Order Magoo
  120. Magoo at Blithering Heights
  121. Magoo's Surprise Party
  122. Piggy Bank Magoo
  123. Cyrano Magoo
  124. Magoo's Roof Goof
  125. Yachtsman Magoo
  126. Muscles Magoo
  127. Private Eye Magoo
  128. Who's Zoo Magoo?
  129. Digger Magoo
  130. Skipper Magoo

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