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Mr. Lucky

Mr. Lucky Cast

Series Description

The Mr. Lucky TV show was a 30 minute adventure drama series on CBS about the owner (Mr. Lucky) of a gambling casino ship. He kept the ship just outside the 12-mile legal limit off the coast of California. In each episode, it would appear that Mr. Lucky was involved in a crime with one of the "low-life" visitors to his ship. He would then have to prove his innocence to keep from going to jail.

Mr. Lucky Cast

John Vivyan ........... Mr. Lucky
Ross Martin ........... Nick Andamo
Pippa Scott ........... Maggie Shank-Rutherford
Tom Brown ............. Lieutenant Rovacs

Mr. Lucky Trivia


Henry Mancini wrote the music for the show. In fact, he got two hit albums out of the show. They were called, "Theme From Mr. Lucky" and "Mr. Lucky Goes Latin".

The show was based on a 1943 movie starring Cary Grant ... also named, "Mr. Lucky".

Producers decided to do the show as a response to the great success of the TV show, "Peter Gunn".

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. The Magnificent Bribe (10/24/1959)
  2. They Shall Not Pass (10/31/1959)
  3. Bugsy (11/7/1959)
  4. The Money Game (11/14/1959)
  5. That Stands For Pool (11/21/1959)
  6. My Little Gray Home (11/28/1959)
  7. The Gordon Caper (12/5/1959)
  8. Little Miss Wow (12/12/1959)
  9. A Business Measure (12/19/1959)
  10. Hijacked (12/26/1959)
  11. Aces Back To Back (1/2/1960)
  12. Maggie The Witness (1/9/1960)
  13. The Two Million Dollar Window (1/16/1960)
  14. The Leadville Kid Gang (1/23/1960)
  15. The Sour Milk Fund (1/30/1960)
  16. The Brain Picker (2/6/1960)
  17. The Last Laugh (2/13/1960)
  18. The Parolee (2/20/1960)
  19. The Tax Man (2/27/1960)
  20. The Gladiators (3/5/1960)
  21. Big Squeeze (3/12/1960)
  22. Cold Deck (3/19/1960)
  23. His Maiden Voyage (3/26/1960)
  24. I Bet Your Life (4/2/1960)
  25. Hair Of The Dog (4/9/1960)
  26. Vote The Bullet (4/16/1960)
  27. Hit And Run (4/23/1960)
  28. Taking A Chance (4/30/1960)
  29. Last Journey (5/14/1960)
  30. Operation Fortuna (5/21/1960)
  31. Stacked Deck (5/28/1960)
  32. Odyssey Of Hate (6/4/1960)
  33. Dangerous Lady (6/11/1960)
  34. Election Bet (6/18/1960)

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