Mr. Deeds Goes To Town

Mr. Deeds Goes To Town Cast
Series Description

The Mr. Deeds Goes To Town TV show was a comedy series about a naive country fellow who inherits a big city business worth $50 Million! His dealings with them big city folk provided lot of laughs.


Monte Markham .... Longfellow Deeds
Pat Harrington Jr. .... Tony Lawrence
Herb Voland .... Henry Masterson
Ivor Barry .... George

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. Mr. Deeds Goes To Town (9/28/1969)
  2. The Education Of Longfellow Deeds (10/3/1969)
  3. The Wonderful Old Saloon (10/10/1969)
  4. Sparkling Spring (10/17/1969)
  5. The Pixilated Man (10/24/1969)
  6. Once Again A Star (10/31/1969)
  7. Industrial Spy (11/7/1969)
  8. Wedding Bells For Mr. Deeds (11/14/1969)
  9. There's One Born Every Thirty Years (11/21/1969)
  10. The Improbable Mr. Deeds (11/28/1969)
  11. A Ransom In Small Unmarked Flowers (12/5/1969)
  12. The Howdy Syndrome (12/12/1969)
  13. The Revolt Of The Bucket Brigade (12/19/1969)
  14. Touching Is Believing (12/26/1969)
  15. The Marriage Saver (1/9/1970)
  16. Tricks Of The Trade (1/16/1970)
  17. Tarnished Armor (1/23/1970)

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