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Mr. Bean

Mr. Bean Cast
Series Description

Mr. Bean was a 30 minute British comedy series that aired over a five-year period as Rowan Atkinson specials on ITV. Mr. Bean rarely spoke but the man with no common sense whatsoever still managed to get himself into plenty of trouble! If you enjoy silly humor of a British flavor, and you love Rowan Atkinson, this one's for you!

Mr. Bean Cast

Rowan Atkinson ........ Mr. Bean
Matilda Ziegler ....... Irma Gobb
Robin Driscoll ........ Miscellaneous Roles

Mr. Bean Trivia

Irma Gobb's ex-fiance's (and enemy of Mr. Bean) name is Giles Gummer.

Mr. Bean went to school at Chadwell's School for Boys.

Rowan Atkinson co-starred in the James Bond film "Never Say Never Again" with Sean Connery. He played the part of a British consul.

Rowan Atkinson went immediately from starring in the TV show, "Black Adder" to starring on the Mr. Bean TV show. The last episode of Black Adder aired in November of 1989 and the first of Mr. Bean aired just 2 months later!

Mr. Bean's first name was never revealed. Some sources claim that Rowan Atkinson once said that it was Julian but that's not true. He did say once that he "imagined" the first name to be Julian. That would make the character's full name Julian Bean which would be close to the name of real-life guitarist and lutenist Julian Bream.

The Theme Song words on Mr. Bean are in Latin. Here's what they mean: Intro: Ecce homo qui est farba = "Behold the man who is a bean". Before break: Finis partis primae = "End of part one". After break: Pars secunda = "Part two". At the end: Outro: Vale homo qui est farba = "Farewell, man who is a bean".

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

NOTE: Mr. Bean episodes aired as TV specials.

  1. Mr. Bean (1/1/1990)
  2. The Return of Mr. Bean (11/5/1990)
  3. The Curse of Mr. Bean (12/30/1990)
  4. Mr. Bean Goes to Town (10/15/1991)
  5. The Trouble with Mr. Bean (1/1/1992)
  6. Mr. Bean Rides Again (2/17/1992)
  7. Merry Christmas Mr. Bean (12/29/1992)
  8. Mr. Bean in Room 426 (2/17/1993)
  9. Do-It-Yourself Mr. Bean (1/10/1994)
  10. Mind the Baby, Mr. Bean (4/25/1994)
  11. Back to School Mr. Bean (10/26/1994)
  12. Torvill and Bean (3/17/1995)
  13. Tee off Mr. Bean (9/20/1995)
  14. Goodnight Mr. Bean (10/31/1995)

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