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Misfits Of Science

Misfits Of Science Cast
Series Description

The Misfits Of Science TV show was a 60 minute fantasy series on NBC about a group of misfit mutant crimefighters. Can you imagine Courteney Cox as having telekinetic powers? The other members had miscellaneous abilities such as hands that shot lightning bolts and one that could shrink himself to eight inches in height.

Misfits Of Science Cast

Dean Paul Martin ............. Billy Hayes
Courteney Cox ................ Gloria Dinallo
Kevin Peter Hall ............. Elvin Lincoln
Jennifer Holmes .............. Jane Miller
Mark Thomas Miller ........... Johnny B
Max Wright ................... Dick Stetmeyer
Diane Civita ................. Miss Nance

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Misfits Of Science - The First And Only Season

  1. Deep Freeze - Part 1 (10/4/1985)
  2. Deep Freeze - Part 2 (10/11/1985)
  3. Your Place Or Mayan?10/18/1985)
  4. Guess What's Coming To Dinner? (10/25/1985)
  5. Lost Link (11/1/1985)
  6. Sort Of Looking For Gina (11/8/1985)
  7. Sonar... And Yet So Far (11/15/1985)
  8. Steer Crazy (11/29/1985)
  9. Fumble On The One (12/6/1985)
  10. Twin Engines (12/13/1985)
  11. Grand Theft Bunny (12/27/1985)
  12. Grand Elusion (1/10/1986)
  13. Once Upon A Night (1/17/1986)
  14. Center Of Attention (1/31/1986)
  15. Against All Oz (2/7/1986)
  16. The Avenging Angel (2/21/1986)
  17. Three Days Of The Blender (Not Originally Aired)

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