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Minor Adjustments

Minor Adjustments Cast

Series Description

The Minor Adjustments TV show was a 30 minute comedy series on NBC for its first eight episodes and then on UPN (now the CW Network) for the final twelve episodes. It was about a child psychologist who had a special talent for relating to his child patients. In many ways, he looked at life more like a child himself. That was useful in his work but sometimes caused problems in dealing with his wife, children, working associates, and friends.

Minor Adjustments Cast


Rondell Sheridan ............. Dr. Ron Aimes
Wendy Raquel Robinson ........ Rachel Aimes
Mitchell Whitfield ........... Dr. Bruce Hampton
Linda Kash ................... Dr. Francine Bailey
Bobby E. McAdams II .......... Trevor Aimes
Camille Winbush .............. Emma Aimes
Sara Rue ..................... Darby Gladstone

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Minor Adjustments - The First And Only Season

  1. Pilot Episode (9/16/1995)
  2. The Paper (9/17/1995)
  3. Coach Ron (9/24/1995)
  4. Hoop Dreams (10/8/1995)
  5. Boo! (10/30/1995)
  6. The Ex-Files (11/12/1995)
  7. Everybody's Got A Secret (11/19/1995)
  8. The Far Out Internuts (11/26/1995)
  9. Ask Dr. Ron (1/23/1996)
  10. The Ungrateful Dead (1/30/1996)
  11. A Fish Story (2/6/1996)
  12. Make My Day (2/13/1996)
  13. My Fair Darby (2/20/1996)
  14. Baba-doo-wang (3/5/1996)
  15. The Way We Weren't (3/19/1996)
  16. Trevorgate (3/26/1996)
  17. Witness (4/30/1996)
  18. Baby Boomer Angst (5/7/1996)
  19. The Model Wife (5/14/1996)
  20. A Christmas Story (6/4/1996)

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