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Mike and Molly

Mike and Molly Cast
Series Description

The Mike and Molly TV show is a 30 minute romantic comedy series on CBS about a male cop and a female teacher who meet at an overeaters anonymous meeting and fall in love. They would like be thin like Mollys hot pot-smoking big sister, her slender insensitive mother and Mike's partner but Mike and Molly's mutual love for delicious foods makes that transition nearly impossible.

Mike and Molly Cast

Billy Gardell .............. Officer Mike Biggs
Melissa McCarthy ........... Molly Flynn
Swoosie Kurtz .............. Joyce Flynn (Molly's Mother)
Katy Mixon ................. Victoria Flynn (Molly's Sister)
Nyambi Nyambi .............. Samuel (Waiter at Mike's Favorite Diner)
Reno Wilson ................ Officer Carl McMillan

Mike and Molly Trivia

Reno Wilson and Billy Gardell also played cops who were partners in the 2006 movie, "Heist". Billy Gardell again played a cop on 12 episodes of "My Name is Earl".

Some may think that a show about two overweight people could be offensive and even Melissa McCarthy said that before she read the first script she wanted no part of it. (The thought of) "It upset me", she said. But in truth, the show just shows that those who are overweight are just regular people in every other way with the same hopes and dreams. The also reflects real life in the way that some people wrongly treat another just because they are different in one way. While the main characters are larger than normal in size, the main theme of the show centers around the interactions between Mike, Molly, their friends and family plus the humorous situations that result from those interactions.

Many fans will know Melissa McCarthy from her co-starring role as "Sookie St. James" on "The Gilmore Girls" followed by another regular role as "Dena" on "Samantha Who?". You may also have heard of Melissa's cousing, "Jenny McCarthy".

Billy Gardell does what just seems to make sense for an actor but is rarely done. Many of the characters he has portrayed have been given his real-life name, "Billy".

Swoosie Kurtz's father was a U.S. Air Force Colonel so she grew up in eight different States and moved seventeen times while attending school. She got her first name due to an aircraft that her father flew in World War II called the "Swoose" from a song about a bird that was half swan and half goose. After the attack on Pearly Harbor the U.S. military was patching together whatever parts they could to keep the war effort alive and the Swoose was two different models of B-17s that had been combined to make a working airplane.

Swoosie's dad was also a contestant on the game show, "To Tell the Truth" in 1962. When it came time to reveal who was the "real" Colonel Frank Kurtz, an 18-year-old Swoosie came out on stage and identified her father! Swoosie had already begun her career six years earlier than that in 1956 on the daytime soap opera, "As the World Turns". Mike and Molly will be Swoosie's 84th TV and movie credit. Perhaps her best known role was as "Alexandra Reed Halsey Barker" on the 1991-1996 series, "Sisters".

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. Pilot Episode (9/20/2010)
  2. First Date (9/27/2010)
  3. First Kiss (10/4/2010)
  4. Mike's Not Ready (10/11/2010)
  5. Carl is Jealous (10/18/2010)
  6. Mike's Apartment (10/25/2010)
  7. After the Lovin' (11/1/2010)
  8. Mike Snores (11/8/2010)
  9. Mike's New Boots (11/15/2010)
  10. Molly Gets a Hat (11/22/2010)
  11. Carl Gets a Girl (12/6/2010)
  12. First Christmas (12/13/2010)
  13. Mike Goes to the Opera (1/3/2011)
  14. Molly Makes Soup (1/17/2011)
  15. Jim Won't Eat (2/7/2011)
  16. First Valentine's Day (2/14/2011)
  17. Joyce & Vince and Peaches & Herb (2/21/2011)
  18. Mike's Feet (2/28/2011)
  19. Peggy Shaves Her Legs (3/21/2011)
  20. Opening Day (4/11/2011)
  21. Samuel Gets Fired (4/18/2011)
  22. Cigar Talk (5/2/2011)
  23. Victoria's Birthday (5/9/2011)
  24. Peggy's New Beau (5/16/2011)

Season 2

  1. Goin' Fishin' (9/26/2011)
  2. Dennis's Birthday (10/3/2011)
  3. Mike in the House (10/10/2011)
  4. '57 Chevy Bel Air (10/17/2011)
  5. Victoria Runs Away (10/24/2011)
  6. Happy Halloween (10/31/2011)
  7. Carl Meets A Lady (11/7/2011)
  8. Peggy Gets A Job (11/14/2011)
  9. Mike Cheats (11/21/2011)
  10. Molly Needs a Number (12/5/2011)
  11. Christmas Break (12/12/2011)
  12. Carl Has Issues (1/2/2012)
  13. Victoria Can't Drive (1/16/2012)
  14. Joyce's Choices (2/6/2012)
  15. Valentine's Piggyback (2/13/2012)
  16. Surprise (2/20/2012)
  17. Mike Likes Lasagna (2/27/2012)
  18. Peggy Goes To Branson (3/19/2012)
  19. Molly Can't Lie (4/9/2012)
  20. The Dress (4/16/2012)
  21. Bachelor/Bachelorette (4/30/2012)
  22. The Rehearsal (5/7/2012)
  23. The Wedding (5/14/2012)

Season 3

  1. The Honeymoon is Over (9/24/2012)
  2. Vince Takes a Bath (10/1/2012)
  3. Mike Likes Cake (10/8/2012)
  4. Molly in the Middle (10/15/2012)
  5. Mike's Boss (11/5/2012)
  6. Yard Sale (11/12/2012)
  7. Thanksgiving Is Cancelled (11/19/2012)
  8. Mike Likes Briefs (11/26/2012)
  9. Mike Takes a Test (12/3/2012)
  10. Karaoke Christmas (12/17/2012)
  11. Fish for Breakfast (1/14/2013)
  12. Molly's Birthday (1/21/2013)
  13. Carl Gets a Roommate (2/4/2013)
  14. The Princess and the Troll (2/11/2013)
  15. Mike the Tease (2/18/2013)
  16. Molly's New Shoes (2/25/2013)
  17. St. Patrick's Day (3/18/2013)
  18. Spring Break (3/25/2013)
  19. Party Planners (4/15/2013)
  20. Mike Can't Read (4/29/2013)
  21. Molly's Out of Town (5/6/2013)
  22. School Recital (5/13/2013)
  23. Windy City (5/20/2013)

Season 4

  1. Molly Unleashed (11/4/2013)
  2. The First and Last Ride-Along (11/11/2013)
  3. Sex and Death (11/18/2013)
  4. Careful What You Dig For (11/25/2013)
  5. Poker in the Front, Looker in the Back (12/2/2013)
  6. Shoeless Molly Flynn (12/9/2013)
  7. They Shoot Asses, Don't They? (12/16/2013)
  8. What Molly Hath Wrought (1/13/2014)
  9. Mike & Molly's Excellent Adventure (1/20/2014)
  10. Weekend at Peggy's (1/27/2014)
  11. Dips & Salsa (2/3/2014)
  12. Mind Over Molly (2/24/2014)
  13. Open Mike Night (3/3/2014)
  14. Rich Man, Poor Girl (3/10/2014)
  15. Three Girls And an Urn (3/17/2014)
  16. The Dice Lady Cometh (3/24/2014)
  17. McMillan and Mom (4/14/2014)
  18. Mike's Manifold Destiny (4/21/2014)
  19. Sex, Lies and Helicopters (4/28/2014)
  20. Who's Afraid of J.C. Small? (5/5/2014)
  21. This Old Peggy (5/12/2014)
  22. Eight is Enough (5/19/2014)

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