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MI-5 Cast
Series Description

The MI-5 TV show was a 60 minute British action series (Titled, "Spooks" in the U.K.) that aired in the U.S. on the A&E network. It was about an elite team of British undercover agents and their missions to protect the homeland.

MI-5 Cast

Matthew MacFadyen ...... Tom Quinn
Keeley Hawes ........... Zoe Reynolds
David Oyelowo .......... Danny Hunter
Peter Firth ............ Harry Pearce
Hugh Simon ............. Malcolm Wynn-Jones
Shauna Macdonald ....... Sam Buxton (2003-2005)
Nicola Walker .......... Ruth Evershed (2003-2005)
Rupert Penry-Jones ..... Adam Carter (2004-2005)
Jenny Agutter .......... Tessa Phillips (2002-2003)
Esther Hall ............ Ellie Simm (2002-2003)
Heather Cave ........... Maisie Simm (2002-2003)
Megan Dodds ............ Christine Dale (2003)
Natasha Little ......... Vicki Westbrook (2003)
Graeme Mearns .......... Jed Kelley (2002)
Lisa Faulkner .......... Helen Flynn (2002)

MI-5 Trivia

MI-5 in Britain is similar to the CIA in the United States.

The production of MI-5 used a lot of modern, technical techniques including split-screen action.

MI-5 has the distinction of airing the most-complained-about-in-the-UK episodes of the year for two years in a row. In 2002, the episode titled, "Looking After Our Own" contained a disturbing scene where Helen Flynn (played by Lisa Faulkner) was tortured with a deep fat fryer and then shot in the head. (The boiling fat was actually cold tea) In 2003, the episode titled, "The Nest of Angels" had some horrifically realistic scenes involving Muslim suicide bombers.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

MI-5: The First Season

  1. Thou Shalt Not Kill (5/13/2002)
  2. Looking After Our Own (5/20/2002)
  3. One Last Dance (5/27/2002)
  4. Traitor's Gate (6/4/2002)
  5. The Rose Bed Memoirs (6/10/2002)
  6. The Lesser of Two Evils (6/17/2002)

MI-5: The Second Season

  1. Legitimate Targets (6/2/2003)
  2. The Nest of Angels (6/9/2003)
  3. Spiders (6/16/2003)
  4. Blood and Money (6/23/2003)
  5. I Spy Apocalypse (7/7/2003)
  6. Without Incident (7/14/2003)
  7. Cleanskin (7/21/2003)
  8. Strike Force (7/28/2003)
  9. The Seventh Division (8/4/2003)
  10. Smoke and Mirrors (8/11/2003)

MI-5: The Third Season

  1. Project Friendly Fire (10/11/2004)
  2. The Sleeper (10/18/2004)
  3. Who Guards The Guards? (10/25/2004)
  4. Episode Four (11/1/2004)
  5. Episode Five (11/8/2004)
  6. Episode Six (11/15/2004)
  7. Episode Seven (11/22/2004)
  8. Episode Eight (11/29/2004)
  9. Episode Nine (12/6/2004)
  10. Episode Ten (12/13/2004)

MI-5: The Fourth Season

  1. The Special - Part I (9/12/2005)
  2. The Special - Part II (9/13/2005)
  3. Divided They Fall (9/22/2005)
  4. Road Trip (9/29/2005)
  5. The Book (10/6/2005)
  6. The Innocent (10/13/2005)
  7. Syria (10/20/2005)
  8. The Russian (10/27/2005)
  9. The Sting (10/27/2005)
  10. Diana (11/10/2005)

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