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Method and Red Cast
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The Method and Red TV show was a 30 minute musical comedy series on the FOX Network about two highly successful rap artist/actors who move up to an upper-class suburban New Jersey neighborhood. The vast majority of their neighbors are Caucasion and don't approve of their wild parties and lifestyle in general.

Method and Red Cast

Method Man .... Himself
Redman .... Himself
Anna Maria Horsford .... Dorothea
Beth Littleford .... Nancy Blaford
David Henrie .... Skyler Blaford
Peter Jacobson .... Bill Blaford
Lahmard Tate .... Lil' Bit
Jeremiah Birkett .... Dupree

Method and Red Trivia

There were four additional episodes of the Method and Red TV show produced but they did not air before the series was canceled. Their titles were:

How Momma Got Her Groove Back
A House Apart

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Method and Red - The First and Only Season

  1. Pilot Episode (6/16/2004)
  2. The Article (6/23/2004)
  3. Well Well Well (6/30/2004)
  4. One Tree Hill (7/7/2004)
  5. Dogs (7/14/2004)
  6. Kill Bill Vol. 3 (7/21/2004)
  7. Something About Brenda (7/28/2004)
  8. Neighborhood Watch (9/8/2004)
  9. Chu Chu's Redemption (9/15/2004)

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