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Medical Investigation

Medical Investigation Cast

Series Description

The Medical Investigation TV show was a 60 minute drama series on NBC about a team of the National Institutes of Health that drop their lives on a moments notice and rush to locales where outbreaks of unknown medical problems have been reported. They used advanced detective procedures to discover the origin of the outbreaks while doing whatever they could to save those already infected.

Medical Investigation Cast


Neal McDonough .............. Doctor Stephen Connor
Kelli Williams .............. Doctor Natalie Durant
Christopher Gorham .......... Doctor Miles McCabe
Anna Belknap ................ Eva Rossi
Troy Winbush ................ Frank Powell

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Medical Investigation - The First And Only Season

  1. You're Not Alone (9/9/2004)
  2. In Bloom (9/10/2004)
  3. Coming Home (9/17/2004)
  4. Escape (9/24/2004)
  5. Progeny (10/1/2004)
  6. Team (10/15/2004)
  7. Alienation (10/29/2004)
  8. Mutation (11/5/2004)
  9. Little Girl (11/12/2004)
  10. Price of Pleasure (11/19/2004)
  11. The Unclean (12/3/2004)
  12. Spiked (1/7/2005)
  13. Tribe (1/14/2005)
  14. Ice Station (1/28/2005)
  15. Mousetrap (2/4/2005)
  16. Survivor (2/11/2005)
  17. Half Life - Part 2 (2/18/2005)
  18. The Black Book (2/25/2005)
  19. Mission La Roca - Part 1 (3/18/2005)
  20. Mission La Roca - Part 2 (3/25/2005)

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