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McMillan And Wife

McMillan and Wife Cast

Series Description

The McMillan And Wife TV show was a police action series on NBC that varied from 90-120 minutes in length throughout its run. It about the lives of a chief of police and his wife who tended to get a little too involved in her husband's work. Things always worked out ok in the end though and the wife was usually instrumental in catching the bad guys.


McMillan And Wife Cast

Rock Hudson ............. Police Commissioner Stewart "Mac" McMillan
Susan Saint James ....... Sally McMillan
Nancy Walker ............ Mildred
John Schuck ............. Sargeant Charles Enright
John Astin .............. Sykes
Richard Gilliland ....... Sargeant Steve DiMaggio
Martha Raye ............. Agatha Thornton
Gloria Stroock .......... Maggie
Bill Quinn .............. Chief Paulsen

McMillan And Wife Trivia

The McMillan And Wife TV show was one element of the NBC Mystery Movie series. It shared its timeslot with other popular mystery series including "Banacek", "Columbo", "McCloud", and "Quincy M.E."

Susan Saint James left McMillan and Wife after the 5th season and the series name was changed to "McMillan". Martha Raye, Richard Gilliland, Gloria Stroock and Bill Quinn were added to the cast in the 6th season and as great as they were, it didn't make up for the loss of the on-screen chemistry between Rock Hudson and Susan Saint James.

McMillan and Wife Dvds

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Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. Once Upon A Dead Man (9/17/1971) (Pilot Movie)
  2. Murder By The Barrel (9/29/1971)
  3. The Easy Sunday Murder Case (10/20/1971)
  4. Husbands, Wives, And Killers (11/10/1971)
  5. Death Is A Seven Point Favorite (12/8/1971)
  6. The Face Of Murder (1/5/1972)
  7. Til Death Do Us Part (2/16/1972)
  8. An Elementary Case Of Murder (3/1/1972)

Season 2

  1. The Night Of The Wizard (9/24/1972)
  2. Blues For Sally M (10/22/1972)
  3. Cop Of The Year (11/19/1972)
  4. Terror Times Two (12/13/1972)
  5. No Hearts, No Flowers (1/14/1973)
  6. The Fine Art Of Staying Alive (3/11/1973)
  7. Two Dollars On Trouble To Win (4/1/1973)

    Season 3

  8. Death Of A Monster...Birth of a Legend (9/30/1973)
  9. The Devil, You Say (10/21/1973)
  10. Free Fall To Terror (11/11/1973)
  11. Man Without A Face (1/6/1974)
  12. Reunion In Terror (1/27/1974)
  13. Cross And Double Cross (2/17/1974)

    Season 4

  14. Downshift To Danger (9/29/1974)
  15. The Game Of Survival (10/20/1974)
  16. Buried Alive (11/10/1974)
  17. Guilt By Association (12/8/1974)
  18. Night Train To L.A. (1/19/1975)
  19. Love, Honor And Swindle (2/16/1975)

Season 5

  1. The Deadly Inheritance (9/28/1975)
  2. Requiem For A Bride (10/26/1975)
  3. Aftershock (11/9/1975)
  4. Secrets For Sale (12/7/1975)
  5. The Deadly Cure (1/18/1976)
  6. Greed (2/15/1976)
  7. Point Of Law (3/7/1976)

Season 6

  1. All Bets Off (12/5/1976)
  2. Dark Sunrise (1/2/1977)
  3. Phillip's Game (1/23/1977)
  4. Coffee, Tea, Or Cyanide? (1/30/1977)
  5. Affair Of The Heart (3/20/1977)
  6. Have You Heard About Vanessa? (4/24/1977)

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