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McKenna Cast
Series Description

The McKenna TV show was a 60 minute adventure / drama series on ABC about an adventurer who owned a tour guide agency that took customers on tours through the Northwestern U.S. wilderness.

McKenna Cast

Chad Everett .............. Jack McKenna
Eric Close ................ Brick McKenna
Jennifer Love Hewitt ...... Cassidy McKenna
Shawn Huff ................ Leigh McKenna
Rick Peters ............... Dale Goodwin
Ashlee Lauren ............. Rose McKenna
Jack Kehler ............... Walter Maddock
Jacob Loyst ............... Harry McKenna

McKenna Trivia

There were eight episodes of the McKenna TV show that were produced but were not broadcast. Their titles were: "The Pursuit", "Girl Gone", "The Hired Hand", "The Shooting", "The Trial", "The Bear", Remember the Night?", and "Same Time, Next Year".

Despite many sources we've seen on the web, Eric Close's acting debut was not on the McKenna TV show. Among other earlier roles, he appeared on 22 episodes of the daytime drama, "Santa Barbara". He also appeared on episodes of "Major Dad" and "MacGyver" before appearing on McKenna.

Those early acting jobs lead to quite an impressive career for Eric Close. Since his role on the McKenna TV Show, he's had starring roles on "Dark Skies", "Now and Again", "The Magnificent Seven", and "Without A Trace"!

Brick McKenna had been estranged from his family who owned "McKenna Wilderness Outfitters", located in Bend, Oregon. When his brother died in an accident the business began to fail so Brick returned home to take up his brother's duties in running the business.

Chad Everett starred on "The Dakotas" and "Medical Center TV Show" before starring on McKenna. Five years after McKenna he starred again on the "Manhattan, AZ TV Show".

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. McKenna's Wonder (9/15/1994)
  2. Splendor in the McKenna Grass (9/22/1994)
  3. The Pony (9/29/1994)
  4. Racing in the Streets (7/13/1995)
  5. Journey of Courage (7/20/1995)

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