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McKeever And The Colonel

McKeever And The Colonel Cast

Series Description

The McKeever And The Colonel TV show was a comedy series about a Cadet at a military school who constantly got into trouble and had to somehow find his way back out of his dilemmas.



Scott Lane .................... Cadet Gary McKeever
Allyn Joslyn .................. Colonel Harvey Blackwell
Jackie Coogan ................. Sergeant Barnes
Elisabeth Fraser .............. Mrs. Warner
Johnny Eimen .................. Monk
Keith Taylor .................. Tubby

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. General McKeever (9/23/1962)
  2. The Army Mule (9/30/1962)
  3. Tv Or Not TV (10/7/1962)
  4. Straight And Narrow (10/14/1962)
  5. The Mascot (10/28/1962)
  6. The Cookie Crumbles (11/4/1962)
  7. By The Book (11/11/1962)
  8. The Bugle Sounds (11/18/1962)
  9. Blackwell's Stand (11/25/1962)
  10. McKeever And The Celestial Bells (12/2/1962)
  11. Hand In Glove (12/9/1962)
  12. Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow (12/16/1962)
  13. Happy Birthday, Colonel (12/23/1962)
  14. For Dear Old Westfield (12/30/1962)
  15. Too Many Sergeants (1/6/1963)
  16. The Neighbor (1/27/1963)
  17. Love Comes To Westfield (2/10/1963)
  18. The Big Charade (2/17/1963)
  19. McKeever's Astronaut (2/24/1963)
  20. The Old Grad (3/3/1963)
  21. All Quiet On The Westfield Front (3/10/1963)
  22. Feat Of Clay (3/17/1963)
  23. Make Room For Mother (3/24/1963)
  24. Project Walkie-Talkie (3/31/1963)
  25. Blackwell, The Retread (4/7/1963)
  26. McKeever Meets Munroe (4/14/1963)

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