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Maybe This Time

Maybe This Time Cast

Series Description

The Maybe This Time TV show was a 30 minute comedy series on ABC about a woman whose marriage recently ended. She decided to concentrate on running her familie's coffee shop, but her mother kept pestering her to get out and find another man.

Maybe This Time Cast


Marie Osmond ............. Julia Wallace
Betty White .............. Shirley
Ashley Johnson ........... Grace "Gracie" Wallace
Amy Hill ................. Kay Ohara
Craig Ferguson ........... Logan McDonough

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Maybe This Time - The First And Only Season

  1. Please Re-Lease Me (9/15/1995)
  2. Maybe This Time (9/16/1995)
  3. Gracie Under Fire (9/23/1995)
  4. Out, Out, Damn Radio Spot! (9/30/1995)
  5. Snitch Doggy-Dogg (10/14/1995)
  6. Beasy Body (10/28/1995)
  7. Julia's Day Off (11/4/1995)
  8. Coach Julia (11/11/1995)
  9. The Other Mother (11/25/1995)
  10. The Catch (12/16/1995)
  11. Judgement Day (12/23/1995)
  12. Nick at Night (1/6/1996)
  13. Break a Leg (1/13/1996)
  14. Lucky Puck (1/20/1996)
  15. Acting Out (1/26/1996)
  16. Stand Up Your Man (2/3/1996)
  17. St. Valentine's Day Massacre (2/10/1996)
  18. Whose Life Is It Anyway? (2/17/1996)

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