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Max Headroom

Max Headroom Cast

Series Description

The Max Headroom TV show was a 60 minute comedy series on ABC about a computer-generated character who regularly appeared "out of nowhere" on the television screens in a futuristic age where television was everywhere. Max Headrooms world was pretty bad and Max would break in to regular broadcasts to go live to a crime scene. He would also often "bad-mouth" humans.

Max Headroom Cast

Matt Frewer ................... Edison Carter / Max Headroom
Amanda Pays ................... Theora Jones
Chris Young ................... Bryce Lynch
George Coe .................... Ben Cheviot
W. Morgan Sheppard ............ Blank Reg
Jeffrey Tambor ................ Murray

Max Headroom Trivia


Television was so much a part of Max Headroom's world that there were thousands of channels. The advertisers had actually gotten laws passed making it illegal to turn off your set! Advertisers also kept such a close watch on a program's ratings that they would check ratings on a second by second basis and cancel a show the moment it started to drop! Ironically, in real-life Max Headroom's cancellation was directly related to its failure to outrate "Dallas (1978)", in its time slot on another network. "Dallas" was in its eleventh season and had a very loyal viewership.

On the show, Max Headroom was created by Bryce Lynch, a young boy who was also the head of research for one of the top TV channels.

Max Headrooms character also appeared on many Coca Cola commercials.

The producers of the show did everything they could to make it appear that Max Headroom was a totally computer generated character, but he was actually a computer enhanced human actor.

Matt Frewer was born in Washington D.C., raised in Canada and trained for the stage in England. He was the Quarterback on his high school football team.

In the first episode to air in the U.S., "Blipverts", subliminal messages were explored. What's ironic is that there were actually subliminal images used on the earliest episodes of the show. Nothing sinister; usually just people's names superimposed over some Asian guy's face. There are only a frame or two and they appear right after Max says, "two minds, but with one single memory".

Many high tech innovations of the future were seen on this series years before they became fact. Some examples are: webcams, email polls, computer viruses, integration of television/computers/video and many many more. Some actual technological ideas got their start with this series too. The Max Headroom TV show was the first show filmed at 30 frames per second rather than 24. It was also the first show to us the "Synclavier", a midi device for sound production.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

TV Pilot Movie

Max Headroom (Aired In the United Kingdom on 4/4/1985; Other Episodes On ABC)

Season 1

  1. Blipverts (3/31/1987)
  2. Rakers (4/7/1987)
  3. Body Banks (4/14/1987)
  4. Security Systems (4/21/1987)
  5. War (4/28/1987)
  6. The Blanks (5/5/1987)

Season 2

  1. Academy (9/18/1987)
  2. Deities (9/25/1987)
  3. Grossberg's Return (10/2/1987)
  4. Dream Thieves (10/9/1987)
  5. Whackets (10/16/1987)
  6. Neurostim (4/28/1988)
  7. Lessons (5/5/1988)
  8. Baby Grobags (Not Originally Aired)

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