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MasterChef Junior US

MasterChef Junior Cast
Series Description

The MasterChef Junior TV show is a 60 minute reality series on FOX is a cooking competition for children from eight to thirteen years of age. The contestants who survive the audition phase prepare their best dishes for the judges and the two with the worst performance are sent home each episode until one becomes "MasterChef Junior"!

MasterChef Junior Cast

Gordon Ramsay .... Judge
Graham Elliot .... Judge
Joe Bastianich .... Judge

MasterChef Junior Trivia

The winner of MasterChef Junior gets a $100,000 prize and a trophy.

This U.S. version is based on the U.K. series "Junior MasterChef".

All 24 contestants who take part in the auditions receive a MasterChef signature apron.

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