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The Marshal

The Marshal Cast

Series Description

The Marshal TV show was a 60 minute crime drama series on ABC about a Deputy U.S. Marshal who used his wits than his fists to pursue and capture criminal fugitives and escaped convicts all over the U.S.

The Marshal Cast

Jeff Fahey ................ Winston MacBride
Patricia Harras ........... Sally Caulfield
Kristina Lewis ............ Katie MacBride
Carly McKillip ........... Molly MacBride

Episodes List With Original Air Dates


The First Season

  1. Pilot Episode (1/31/1995)
  2. Grab the Money and Run! (2/4/1995)
  3. The Great Train Robbery (2/11/1995)
  4. The Ballad of Lucas Burke (2/18/1995)
  5. Hitwoman (2/25/1995)
  6. Protection (3/4/1995)
  7. Bounty Hunter (3/11/1995)
  8. Twoslip (3/25/1995)
  9. Little Odessa (4/1/1995)
  10. Snow Orchid (4/8/1995)
  11. Natural Law (4/15/1995)
  12. Unprotected Witness (4/17/1995)

The Second Season

  1. Rainbow Comix (9/11/1995)
  2. Buy Hard (9/18/1995)
  3. The New Marshal (9/25/1995)
  4. Heartbreak Kid (10/2/1995)
  5. Gone Fishing (10/9/1995)
  6. Land of Opportunity (10/16/1995)
  7. Pass the Gemelli (10/23/1995)
  8. The Show (11/6/1995)
  9. Love Is Strange (11/13/1995)
  10. Kissing Cousins (11/20/1995)
  11. '65-'95 (12/4/1995)
  12. These Foolish Things (12/11/1995)
  13. Time Off for Clever Behavior (12/25/1995)

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