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The Man Up TV show is a 30 minute comedy series that premiered on October 18, 2011 on ABC. It's about three 21st Century men who have trouble deciding what defines a man in the new millenium. Their dads fought in wars and they play war video games. So in a world where men get their hair done in a salon and possibly get a manicure while there, what makes them men?

Man Up Cast

Christopher Moynihan .... Craig Griffith
Mather Zickel .... Will Keen
Dan Fogler .... Kenny Hayden
Amanda Detmer .... Brenda Hayden
Teri Polo .... Theresa Hayden Keen
Jake Johnson .... Nathan Keen
Henry Simmons .... Grant
Charlotte Labadie .... Lucy Keen

Man Up Trivia

There were five episodes of Man Up that were produced but not broadcast due to early cancellation of the series. Their titles were, "Camping", "Fear", "Up All Night", "Letting Go" and "Be Who You're Not".

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season
  1. Pilot Episode (10/18/2011)
  2. Finessing the Bromance (10/25/2011)
  3. Digging Deeper (11/1/2011)
  4. Wingmen (11/8/2011)
  5. Acceptance (11/15/2011)
  6. High Road Is The Guy Road (11/22/2011)
  7. Disciplining The Keens (11/29/2011)
  8. Men and Their Chickens (12/6/2011)

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