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Manhattan, AZ

Manhattan, AZ Cast


The Manhattan, AZ TV show was a 30 minute comedy series on the USA Network.

Manhattan, AZ Cast


Brian McNamara ........... Daniel Henderson
Chad Everett ............. Jake Manhattan
Vincent Berry ............ Atticus Henderson

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Manhattan, AZ - The First And Only Season

  1. Pilot Episode (7/23/2000)
  2. Manhattan Cactus Serial Murders (7/30/2000)
  3. The Dawged Deputy (8/6/2000)
  4. The Indian War (8/13/2000)
  5. Cattle Drive (8/20/2000)
  6. Jake's Daughter (8/27/2000)
  7. Brown Parcels Of Land (9/10/2000)
  8. Bees Story (9/17/2000)
  9. Jake's Zoo (9/24/2000)
  10. Lt. Colonel's Boy (Not Originally Aired)

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