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Series Description

The Love On A Rooftop TV show was a situation comedy series about a newlywed couple who live quite meagerly in a roof-top flat in San Francisco, California. The wife comes from a wealthy family but loves her husband and doesn't mind their struggle to get started in life one little bit. The husband feels badly that she has had to give up her life of riches, however, and also has to deal with showing his father-in-law that he is a good husband.


Judy Carne .... Julie Willis
Peter Deuel .... David Willis
Barbara Bostock .... Carol Parker
Rich Little .... Stan Parker
Herbert Voland .... Fred Hammond
Edith Atwater .... Phyliss Hammond
Sandy Kenyon .... Jim Lucas
Hope Summers .... Mrs. Bennington
Charles Lane .... Bert Bennington
Lillian Adams .... Mrs. Lewis

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. Love On A Rooftop (9/6/1966)
  2. 117 Ways To Cook Hamburger (9/13/1966)
  3. My Husband, The Knight (9/20/1966)
  4. The Big Brass Bed (9/27/1966)
  5. The Six Dollar Surprise (10/4/1966)
  6. The Chocolate Hen (10/11/1966)
  7. Homecoming (10/18/1966)
  8. One Picture Is Worth ... (10/25/1966)
  9. Chinchilla Rag (11/1/1966)
  10. Who Is Sylvia? (11/15/1966)
  11. War On A Rooftop (11/22/1966)
  12. Dave's Night Out (11/29/1966)
  13. There's Got To Be Something Wrong With Her (12/6/1966)
  14. But Is It Really You? (12/13/1966)
  15. The Fifty Dollar Misunderstanding (12/20/1966)
  16. Frocks Of Trouble (12/27/1966)
  17. Going Home To Daughter (1/3/1967)
  18. Let It Rain (1/12/1967)
  19. King Of The Castle (1/19/1967)
  20. My Father, The TV Star (1/26/1967)
  21. Who Was That Husband I Saw You With? (2/2/1967)
  22. Shotgun HOneymoon (2/9/1967)
  23. Musical Apartments (2/16/1967)
  24. Low Calorie Love (2/23/1967)
  25. The Sell Out (3/2/1967)
  26. The Letter Bug (3/9/1967)
  27. Debt Of Gratitude (3/16/1967)
  28. Murder In Apartment D (3/23/1967)
  29. One Too Many Crooks (3/30/1967)
  30. Stork On A Rooftop (4/6/1967)

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