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Love, Inc.

Love, Inc. Cast

Series Description

The Love, Inc. TV show is a 30 minute comedy series on UPN (now the CW Network) about Denise Philipps who works as a dating consultant and finds love for many people. Unfortunately, she's not so successful in finding love for herself.

Love, Inc. Cast


Busy Philipps ................. Denise Johnson
Holly Robinson Peete .......... Clea
Reagan Gomez-Preston .......... Francine
Vince Vieluf .................. Barry
Ion Overman ................... Viviana

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. Pilot Episode (9/22/2005)
  2. Living Single (9/29/2005)
  3. Mad About You (10/6/2005)
  4. Bosom Buddies (10/13/2005)
  5. Family Ties (10/20/2005)
  6. Amen (10/27/2005)
  7. Hope & Faith (11/3/2005)
  8. Thick and Thin (11/10/2005)
  9. One on One (11/17/2005)
  10. The Honeymooners (11/24/2005)
  11. Three's Company (12/15/2005)
  12. Arrested Development (1/19/2006)
  13. Grace Under Fire (2/2/2006)
  14. Hello, Larry (2/9/2006)
  15. Major Dad (2/16/2006)
  16. Curb Your Enthusiasm (3/2/2006)
  17. Anything But Love (3/23/2006)
  18. Cursed (4/13/2006)
  19. Fired Up (4/20/2006)
  20. Full House (4/27/2006)
  21. Dream On (5/4/2006)

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