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The Loner

The Loner Cast
Series Description

The Loner TV show was a 30 minute western action series on CBS about a former Union civil war soldier who wandered through the western United States trying to decide what to do with his life and helping people who were being wronged by bad guys.

The Loner Cast

Lloyd Bridges .............. William Colton

The Loner TV Show Opening Narrative

"In the aftermath of the bloodletting called the Civil War, thousands of ruthless, restless searching men traveled West. Such a man is William Colton. Like the others, he carried a blanket-roll, a proficient gun, and a dedication to a new chapter in American history ... the opening of the West!"

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. An Echo Of Bugles (9/18/1965)
  2. The Vespers (9/25/1965)
  3. The Lonely Galico Queen (10/2/1965)
  4. The Kingdom Of McComb (10/9/1965)
  5. One Of The Wounded (10/16/1965)
  6. The Flight Of The Arctic Tern (10/23/1965)
  7. Widow On The Evening Stage (10/30/1965)
  8. The House Rules At Mrs. Wayne's (11/6/1965)
  9. The Sheriff Of Fetterman's Crossing (11/13/1965)
  10. The Homecoming Of Lemeul Stove (11/20/1965)
  11. Westward, The Shoemaker (11/27/1965)
  12. The Oath (12/4/1965)
  13. Hunt The Man Down (12/11/1965)
  14. Escort For A Dead Man (12/18/1965)
  15. The Ordeal Of Bud Windom (12/25/1965)
  16. To The West Of Eden (1/1/1966)
  17. Mantrap (1/8/1966)
  18. A Little Stroll To The End Of The Line (1/15/1966)
  19. The Trial In Paradise (1/22/1966)
  20. A Question Of Guilt (1/29/1966)
  21. The Mourners For Johnny Sharp - Part 1 (2/5/1966)
  22. The Mourners For Johnny Sharp - Part 2 (2/12/1966)
  23. Incident In The Middle Of Nowhere (2/19/1966)
  24. Pick Me Another Time To Die (2/26/1966)
  25. The Burden Of The Badge (3/5/1966)
  26. To Hang A Dead Man (3/12/1966)

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