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Liv and Maddie TV Show

Liv and Maddie Cast

Series Description


The Liv and Maddie TV show is a 30 minute kid's comedy series on the Disney Channel about identical twin sisters one (Liv) who is a former hit musical TV star and the other (Maddie) who is a local basketball star at their high school. They don't get along so well, in part because Maddie was the popular one at school before her TV star sister returned from Hollywood and took the spotlight away. The series follows their good times and bad ones both at school and at home with their pesky younger brothers Joey and Parker.

Liv and Maddie Cast

Dove Cameron .... Liv Rooney / Maddie Rooney
Kali Rocha .... Karen Rooney
Benjamin King .... Pete Rooney
Joey Bragg .... Joey Rooney
Tenzing Norgay Trainor .... Parker Rooney

Liv and Maddie Trivia

The pilot episode of Liv and Maddie aired on July 19, 2013 and the first regular episode aired on September 15, 2013.

While Liv is still famous in her hometown, she has trouble adjusting to a more normal life after her hit show of four years titled, "Sing It Loud" ended. Wisconsin might be a great place to live but it doesn't have the glamour of Hollywood!

The pilot episode of Liv and Maddie got quite a boost due to its time slot. It aired right after the very popular Disney Channel Original Movie, "Teen Beach Movie".

Fans were teased by the first promo for Liv and Maddie that aired after the premiere of "Disney's Mickey Mouse Shorts" on June 28, 2013.

Liv and Maddie was created by John Beck and Ron Hart. They originally wanted to produce a show titled, "Bits and Pieces" which would have featured a family composed of a single mom and a single dad getting married and both bringing their kids into one family, kind of like "The Brady Bunch" and "Step by Step". After seeing a pilot that was produced of that show, Disney decided that they would prefer a series about two twin sisters. Now normally with a change like that, the entire cast or most of them would have been let go and a new cast hired but in this case, they kept the same cast!

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