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Listen Up

Listen Up Cast

Series Description

The Listen Up TV show was a situation comedy series about successful sports writer Tony Kleinman (Jason Alexander of "Seinfeld") who failed miserably at interpersonal relationships with friends, co-workers, and his family.



Jason Alexander ............... Tony Kleinman
Malcolm-Jamal Warner .......... Bernie Widmer
Wendy Makkena ................. Dana Kleinman
Will Rothhaar ................. Mickey Kleinman
Daniella Monet ................ Lauren Kleinman

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. Pilot Episode (9/20/2004)
  2. Hammer Time (9/27/2004)
  3. Grandmaster of the Wolfhunt (10/4/2004)
  4. Cool Jerk (10/11/2004)
  5. Quest For Fire (10/18/2004)
  6. Mickey Swallows a Bee (10/25/2004)
  7. The Gift of the Ton-i (11/8/2004)
  8. Sweet Charity (11/15/2004)
  9. Thanksgiving (11/22/2004)
  10. Mickey Without A Cause (11/29/2004)
  11. Enemy at the Gates (12/13/2004)
  12. Tony the Tiger (1/3/2005)
  13. Snub Thy Neighbor (1/17/2005)
  14. Weekend With Bernie (1/31/2005)
  15. Inky Dinky Don't (2/7/2005)
  16. Colon-Oopscopy (2/14/2005)
  17. Tony Whine-Man (2/21/2005)
  18. Couch Potato (3/7/2005)
  19. Waiting for Kleinman (3/21/2005)
  20. Check Mates (4/11/2005)
  21. Ebony and Irony (4/18/2005)
  22. Last Vegas (4/25/2005)

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