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The Life's Work TV show was a 30 minute comedy series on ABC about a woman who had plans to become an attorney, but love, marriage, and two kids temporarily sidetracked those plans. When she not only finished law school, passed the bar exam, and landed a coveted job as an assistant State's Attorney, she was thrilled. Of course, her other life's responsibilities as a wife and mom didn't disappear and juggling those all-important parts of her life was often quite the challenge. She had it all ... maybe too much!

Life's Work Cast

Lisa Ann Walter .... Lisa Ann Hunter
Michael O'Keefe .... Kevin Hunter
Molly Hagan .... Dee Dee Lucas
Lightfield Lewis .... Matt Youngster
Alexa Vega .... Tess Hunter
Andrew Lowery .... Lyndon Knox
Larry Miller .... Jerome Nash
Lainie Kazan .... Connie Minardi #1
Jenny O'Hara .... Connie Minardi #2

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season
  1. Pilot Episode (9/17/1996)
  2. Daycareless (9/24/1996)
  3. Contempt (10/1/1996)
  4. Concert (10/8/1996)
  5. Burnout (10/15/1996)
  6. Playdate (10/22/1996)
  7. Girlfriends (10/29/1996)
  8. Pregnancy (11/12/1996)
  9. Jobs (11/19/1996)
  10. Gobbledegook (11/26/1996)
  11. Boss (12/3/1996)
  12. Fired (12/17/1996)
  13. Harassment (1/7/1997)
  14. Fraud (1/14/1997)
  15. Neighbors (1/28/1997)
  16. Ride Along (5/27/1997)
  17. Dates (6/3/1997)
  18. Banquet (6/10/1997)

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