Life as We Know It

Life as We Know It

Series Description

The Life as We Know It TV show was a 60 minute drama series on ABC about three teenage boys facing puberty in Seattle, Washington. The series covered all teenager challenges but centered mostly on their interest in girls and the things they hope to experience with those girls.

Life as We Know It Cast

Sean Faris .... Dino Whitman
Jon Foster .... Ben Conner
Chris Lowell .... Jonathan Fields
Missy Peregrym .... Jackie Bradford
Kelly Osbourne .... Deborah Tynan
D.B. Sweeney .... Michael Whitman
Lisa Darr .... Annie Whitman
Marguerite Moreau .... Monica Young
Jessica Lucas .... Sue Miller

Life as We Know It Trivia

There were two additional episodes of the Life as We Know It TV show that were produced but did not air before the series was canceled. Their titles were, "Friends Don't Let Friends Drive Junk" and "Papa Wheelie".

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1
  1. Pilot Episode (10/7/2004)
  2. Pilot Junior (10/14/2004)
  3. The Best Laid Plans (10/21/2004)
  4. Partly Cloudy, Chance of Sex (10/28/2004)
  5. Secrets and Lies (11/4/2004)
  6. Natural Disasters (12/2/2004)
  7. With a Kiss, I Die (12/9/2004)
  8. Family Hard-ships (12/16/2004)
  9. A Little Problem (1/6/2005)
  10. Breaking Away (1/13/2005)
  11. You Must be Trippin' (1/20/2005)

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