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The League Of Gentlemen

League of Gentlement Cast


The League Of Gentlemen TV show was a 30 minute comedy series that aired in the United Kingdom on the BBC and in the U.S. on the Comedy Channel.

The League Of Gentlemen Cast

Mark Gatiss ................. Mr. Chinnery / Brian Morgan / Iris Krell / Aunty Val Denton
Steve Pemberton ............. Tubbs / Pauline Campbell-Jones / Barbara / Uncle Harvey Denton
Reece Shearsmith ............ Stella / Geoff Tipps / Edward / Ben Denton

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. Welcome To Royston Vasey (1/11/1999)
  2. The Road To Rouston Vasey (1/18/1999)
  3. Nightmare In Royston Vasey (1/25/1999)
  4. The Beast Of Royston Vasey (2/1/1999)
  5. Love Comes To Royston Vasey (2/8/1999)
  6. Escape From Royston Vasey (2/15/1999)

Season 2

  1. Destination: Royston Vasey (1/14/2000)
  2. Lust For Royston Vasey (1/21/2000)
  3. A Plague On Royston Vasey (1/28/2000)
  4. Death In Royston Vasey (2/4/2000)
  5. Anarchy In Royston Vasey (2/11/2000)
  6. Royston Vasey And The Monster From Hell (2/18/2000)

Season 3

  1. The Lesbian and the Monkey (9/26/2002)
  2. The One-Armed Man Is King (9/26/2002)
  3. Turn Again Geoff Tipps (10/3/2002)
  4. The Medusa Touch (10/10/2002)
  5. Beauty and the Beast (10/17/2002)
  6. How The Elephant Got Its Trunk (10/24/2002)

Tv Specials

Christmas Special - Part 1 (12/27/2000)
Christmas Special - Part 2 (12/27/2000)

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