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The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson

The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson Cast

Series Description

The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson is a 60 minute comedy talk show series on CBS where the host Craig Ferguson sits down and chats with some of today's best known celebrities.


The Late Late Show Cast

Craig Ferguson ............... Host
Shadoe Stevens ............... Announcer

Theme Song

Written By: "Craig Ferguson"

Performed By: "Craig Ferguson"

It's hard to stay up
It's been a long, Long Day
And you got the sandman at the door

But hang on, leave the TV on
And let's do it anyway
It's ok
You can always sleep through work tomorrow, OK?

Hey hey
Tomorrow's just your future yesterday.

Late Late Show Trivia

Michael Ian Black, Damien Fahey, Craig Ferguson and D.L. Hughley all auditioned for the Late Late Show by hosting for one week each. Apparently, Craig's performance came out on top.

Prior to Craig coming on as host, the Late Late Show was hosted by "Tom Snyder" and then "Craig Kilborn".

The Late Late show's main competitor is "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" on NBC. Both shows draw pretty much equal audiences as of the 2010 season with over one and a half million viewers each.

Feruson is a talented impressionist. His most common impressions are those of Andy Rooney, Aquaman, Bono, Elton John, Michael Caine, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles and Sean Connery.

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