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Kitchen Confidential

Kitchen Confidential Cast
Series Description

The Kitchen Confidential TV show is a 30 minute comedy series on the FOX Network about a formerly famous chef who messed up his career through his womanizing, boozing, and drug abusing lifestyle. At his lowest point, he ended out working in a pizza restaurant. Then he gets a chance to recover his reputation as the head chef at a distinquished New York restaurant but he must hire a complete staff to serve more than 300 customers with one of them being the New York Times food critic. To make matters worse, he's only given 48 hours to accomplish all of that!

Kitchen Confidential Cast

Bradley Cooper ............. Jack Bourdain
Bonnie Somerville .......... Mimi
Owain Yeoman ............... Steven Daedelus
Nicholas Brendon ........... Seth Klein
John F. Daley .............. Jim
Jaime King ................. Tanya

Kitchen Confidential Trivia

There were nine additional episodes of the Kitchen Confidential TV show that were produced but never aired due to cancellation of the series. Their titles were: "You Lose, I Win", "Rabbit Test", "The Robbery", "Teddy Takes Off", "Let's Do Brunch", "Praise Be Praise", "An Affair to Remember", "Power Play", and "And the Award Goes to..."

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. Exile on Main Street (9/19/2005)
  2. Aftermath (9/26/2005)
  3. Dinner Date with Death (10/3/2005)
  4. French Fight (12/5/2005)

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