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Kevin Hill Cast
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The Kevin Hill TV show was a 60 minute drama series on UPN (now the CW Network) about attorney Kevin Hill who was equally dedicated to the pursuit of his career and the pursuit of beautiful women. There was time for little else in his life. Then his cousin passed away, leaving a ten-month-old daughter behind and Kevin was the only living relative. So Kevin's life made a drastic change as he became an instant father and moved to a much smaller law firm to free up time to take care of his new top priority ... his "daughter".

Kevin Hill Cast

Taye Diggs .... Kevin Hill
Jon Seda .... Dame Ruiz
Patrick Breen .... George Weiss
Michael Michele .... Jessie Grey
Christina Hendricks .... Nicolette Raye
Kate Levering .... Veronica Carter

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. Pilot Episode (9/29/2004)
  2. The Good Life (10/6/2004)
  3. Making the Grade (10/20/2004)
  4. Homework (10/27/2004)
  5. Gods and Monsters (11/2/2004)
  6. Snack Daddy (11/3/2004)
  7. House Arrest (11/10/2004)
  8. Full Metal Jessie (11/17/2004)
  9. Going for the Juggler (11/24/2004)
  10. The Unexpected (12/1/2004)
  11. Love Don't Live Here Anymore (12/15/2004)
  12. Homeland Insecurity (1/5/2005)
  13. Man's Best Friend (1/26/2005)
  14. A River in Egypt (2/9/2005)
  15. Occupational Hazard (2/16/2005)
  16. Cardiac Episode (2/23/2005)
  17. Only Sixteen (3/23/2005)
  18. In This Corner (4/13/2005)
  19. The Monroe Doctrine (4/27/2005)
  20. Through the Looking Glass (5/4/2005)
  21. Sacrificial Lambs (5/11/2005)
  22. Losing Isn't Everything (5/18/2005)

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