Kaz Cast
Series Description

The Kaz TV show was a drama series about a criminal who earned a law degree while serving time in prison. Upon his release, he went to work with a respected criminal defense attourney.

Kaz Cast

Ron Leibman .... Martin "Kaz" Kazinski
Patrick O'Neal .... Samuel Bennett
Gloria Le Roy .... Mary Parnell
Linda Carlson .... Katie McKenna
George Wyner .... Frank Revko
Mark Withers .... Peter Colcourt
Edith Atwater .... Illsa Fogel
Dick O'Neill .... Malloy

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The Pilot Episodes

Kaz (4/14/1978)

Kaz's First And Only Season

  1. A Little Shuck And A Whole Lotta Jive (9/10/1978)
  2. Verdict In Department 12 (9/24/1978)
  3. A Case Of Class (10/1/1978)
  4. The Slow Man (10/8/1978)
  5. No Way To Treat A Lady (10/15/1978)
  6. Who's On First ... And Sixth? (10/29/1978)
  7. Which Side Are You On? (11/5/1978)
  8. In A Safe Place (11/26/1978)
  9. A Fine Romance (12/3/1978)
  10. Kaz And The Kid (12/17/1978)
  11. A Case Of Murder (1/21/1979)
  12. Conspiracy In Blue (1/28/1979)
  13. Kazinsky Versus Bennett (2/4/1979)
  14. The Stalking Man (2/11/1979)
  15. Trouble On The South Side (2/25/1979)
  16. Count Your Fingers (3/4/1979)
  17. A Piece Of Cake (3/11/1979)
  18. They've Taken Our Daughter (3/25/1979)
  19. Fool For A Client (4/8/1979)
  20. The Battered Bride (4/15/1979)
  21. The Avenging Angel (4/22/1979)

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