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Karen Sisco

Karen Sisco Cast

Series Description

The Karen Sisco TV show was a 60 minute drama series on ABC about a female U.S. Marshall who worked out of Miami, Florida. Her main duties were to find and apprehend fugitives in the southeastern Florida district.


Carla Gugino ............ Karen Sisco
Robert Forster .......... Marshall Sisco
Bill Duke ............... Amos Andrews



Karen Sisco was based on the 1996 book titled, "Out of Sight" by Elmore Leonard. There was also a 1998 movie titled, "Out of Sight" (see details below).

The first episode of Karen Sisco, "Blown Away", was based on a previously written short story titled, "Karen Makes Out".

The southern Florida setting of Karen Sisco must have felt quite comfortable to Carla Gugino (Karen Sisco) as she was born in Sarasota, Florida for her first 4 years. Carla was a straight-A student in high school and was valedictorian of her graduating class! She modelled for the Elite modelling agency as a teenager but was considered too short for many jobs. That may have actually helped her in her acting career as there were some big male stars at the time who were in need of beautiful but shorter female co-stars. A couple of examples are Michael J. Fox ("Family Ties" and "Spin City") and Antonio Banderas.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Theatrical Movie

Out of Sight - Starring George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez as Karen Sisco (6/26/1998)

The First And Only Season

  1. Blown Away (10/1/2003)
  2. Dumb Bunnies (10/8/2003)
  3. The One That Got Away (10/15/2003)
  4. Justice (10/22/2003)
  5. Nostalgia (10/29/2003)
  6. Dear Derwood (11/5/2003)
  7. Nobody's Perfect (11/12/2003)
  8. Dog Day Sisco (3/31/2004)
  9. No One's Girl (4/7/2004)
  10. He Was a Friend of Mine (4/14/2004)

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