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Just Legal

Just Legal Cast

Series Description

The Just Legal TV show was a drama series about two defense attorneys whose attributes and weaknesses complimented each other perfectly, allowing the two otherwise "wanting" lawyers to form a very strong partnership. Skip Ross (Jay Baruchel of "Undeclared") was a brilliant individual ... so brilliant, in fact, that he graduated from law school at age 19! Unfortunately, nobody wants a 19-year-old lawyer with no experience regardless of their IQ. Grant Cooper (Don Johnson of "Miami Vice" and "Nash Bridges") was once an up and coming figure at a prestigious law firm. When he failed to properly represent a client who was, therefore executed, Grant's life declined to that of a court-appointed, barely functioning alcoholic. When Grant meets Skip, however, he sees a chance to combine his experience and worldly ways with Skip's genius and sobriety to form a successful firm of their own!



Jay Baruchel ................. David "Skip" Ross
Don Johnson .................. Grant Cooper
Jaime Lee Kirchner ........... Dulcinea "Dee" Real
Susan Ward ................... Kate Manat

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. Pilot Episode (9/19/2005)
  2. The Runner (9/26/2005)
  3. The Limit (10/3/2005)

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