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Justice Cast
Series Description

The Justice TV show was a 60 minute drama series on the FOX Network about a team of top defense attorneys who defended clients involved in the highest profile, most controversial cases.

Justice Cast

Victor Garber .................... Attorney Ron Turk
Kerr Smith ....................... Attorney Tom Nicholson
Rebecca Mader .................... Attorney Alden Tuller
Eamonn Walker .................... Attorney Luther Gaines

Justice Trivia

There was one episode of the Justice TV show that was produced but not broadcast. It's title was "False Confession".

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Justice First Season

  1. Pilot Episode (8/30/2006) at 9 PM on the FOX Network
  2. Pretty Woman (9/6/2006)
  3. Behind the Orange Curtain (9/13/2006)
  4. Addicts (9/20/2006)
  5. Wrongful Death (9/27/2006)
  6. Crucified (10/23/2006)
  7. Death Spiral (10/30/2006)
  8. Shark Week (11/6/2006)
  9. Shotgun (12/1/2006)
  10. Filicide (12/8/2006)
  11. Prior Convictions (12/15/2006)
  12. Christmas Party (12/22/2006)

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