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The Judy Garland Show

Judy Garland Show Cast
Series Description

The Judy Garland Show was a 60 minute musical/variety series on CBS. Each week Ms. Garland would treat her audience to several of her songs. She also had well-known guest stars; usually either other top singers and/or comedians. A real treat was when the non-musical guest stars would join her in a duet.

Judy Garland Show Cast

Judy Garland .......... Hostess
Jerry Van Dyke ........ Series Regular (Episodes 1-10)

Judy Garland Show Trivia

Ms. Garland went to work at MGM studios in 1936. She first became known to the public as "Betsy Booth" in the Andy Hardy series of movies co-starring with Mickey Rooney ("The Mickey Rooney Show"). She also did seven other films with Mickey Rooney from 1937 through 1948.

Judy Garland's real name was Frances Ethel Gumm. She was the perfect co-star for Mickey Rooney who was pretty short as she was only 4 feet 11 and one-half inches tall!

The Judy Garland Show was nominated for three Emmys and one Golden Globe award but didn't win any.

It's a common misconception that Judy Garland won an Oscar for her role in "The Wizard of Oz". While she didn't get an Oscar, the film made her an overnight star. She did get nominated for three Oscars during her career. "Wizard of Oz" - For outstanding performance as a screen juvenile; "A Star Is Born" - Best Actress; "Judgement At Nurenburg" - Best Supporting Actress.

The Judy Garland Show was loved by the critics and it also had a very loyal audience that simply loved Judy. The series didn't survive its first season, however, for a couple of reasons. First, one of the highest rated series of all time, "Bonanza" was on NBC in the same time slot. Secondly, the President of CBS at that time was James Aubrey and he made no secret of the fact that he couldn't stand Judy Garland!

In addition to a multitude of movie stars, the Judy Garland Show attracted guest stars from other TV shows including Dick and Tom Smothers ("The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour"), Steve Allen ("The Tonight Show"), Jayne Meadows ("I've Got a Secret"), Carl Reiner ("The Dick Van Dyke Show"), and Rich Little ("Love on a Rooftop").

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Notice: The following information accurately reflects the dates each episode aired on television and who appeared as guest stars. There is a lot of conflicting episode information about this show because many guides list the episodes in the order they were taped. We list them in the order they appeared on television. For example, the episode below that we call #12 (because it was the twelfth show aired) is called #15 by many other sites (fifteenth show taped).

Judy Garland Show - The First And Only Season

  1. Date: September 29, 1963
    Guests: Donald O'Connor

  2. Date: October 6, 1963
    Guests: Barbara Streisand / Ethel Merman / Tom & Dick Smothers

  3. Date: October 13, 1963
    Guests: Lena Horne / Terry-Thomas

  4. Date: October 20, 1963
    Guests: Jack Carter / George Maharis / Leo Durocher

  5. Date: October 27, 1963
    Guests: June Allyson / Steve Lawrence

  6. Date: November 3, 1963
    Guests: George Jessel / Vic Damone / Zina Bethune

  7. Date: November 10, 1963
    Guests: Count Basie / Mel Torme

  8. Date: November 17, 1963
    Guests: Liza Minnelli / Soupy Sales

  9. Date: December 1, 1963
    Guests: Peggy Lee / Carl Reiner / Jack Carter

  10. Date: December 8, 1963
    Guests: Mickey Rooney

  11. Date: December 15, 1963
    Guests: Tony Bennett / Dick Shawn

  12. Date: December 22, 1963
    Guests: Liza Minnelli / Mel Torme / Jack Jones / Joey & Lorna Luft

  13. Date: December 29, 1963
    Guests: Bobby Darin / Bob Newhart

  14. Date: January 5, 1964
    Guests: Steve Allen / Jayne Meadows / Mel Torme

  15. Date: January 12, 1964
    Guests: Ethel Merman / Shelley Berman / Peter Gennaro

  16. Date: January 19, 1964
    Guests: Louis Nye / Vic Damone / Chita Rivera / Ken Murray

  17. Date: January 26, 1964
    Guests: Martha Raye / Rich Little / Peter Lawford / Ken Murray

  18. Date: February 2, 1964
    Guests: Louis Jourdan / Ken Murray

  19. Date: February 9, 1964
    Guests: Joey & Lorna Luft

  20. Date: February 16, 1964
    Guests: Diahann Carrol / Mel Torme
  21. Date: February 23, 1964
    Guests: Jack Jones / Ken Murray

  22. Date: March 1, 1964
    Guests: Ray Bolger / Jane Powell

  23. Date: March 8, 1964
    Guests: None Or Unknown

  24. Date: March 15, 1964
    Guests: Vic Damone

  25. Date: March 22, 1964
    Guests: Robert Cole

  26. Date: March 29, 1964
    Guests: None Or Unknown

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Ford Star Jubilee - September 24, 1955
The Judy Garland Show - April 8, 1956
Judy, Frank, and Dean - February 25, 1962
Judy Garland and Her Guests Phil Silvers And Robert Goulet - March 19, 1963
Judy and Liza Live at the London Palladium - December 1964

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