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Jane the Virgin TV Show

Jane the Virgin Cast
Series Description

The Jane the Virgin TV show is a 60 minute drama series on the CW about a devoutly religious young Latino woman named Jane who is accidentally inseminated by her doctor during a physical checkup! If that isn't bad enough, the sperm donor is Jane's boss and he's not exactly the kind of guy Jane would want to father her children. He was a flamboyant playboy ... until he got married, that is! And although Jane did absolutely nothing wrong, her husband just can't deal with the whole issue especially since Jane did have a crush on the father during her teenage years! I mean really! If you were Jane's husband, wouldn't you think it unlikely that your wife got pregnant "accidentally" by a guy she used to have a crush on? Poor Jane!

Jane the Virgin Cast

Gina Rodriguez .... Jane Gloriana Garcia
Justin Baldoni .... Rafael Solano
Andrea Navedo .... Xiomara Gloriana Garcia
Yael Grobglas .... Petra Solano
Brett Dier .... Michael
Jaime Camil .... Rogelio
Ivonne Coll .... Alba

Jane the Virgin Trivia

This series is loosely adapted by a Venezuelan TV series titled, "Juana la Virgen".

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