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Jake 2.0

Jake 2.0 Cast
Series Description

The Jake 2.0 TV show was a 60 minute sci-fi series on UPN (now the CW Network) about a young man who was a computer technician for the National Security Agency until a lab accident caused him to be injected with nanites (microscopic computers) which greatly enhanced his strength and all of his senses. Overnight his life changes from replacing hard drives to performing secret mission that no other agent could handle!

Jake 2.0 Cast

Christopher Gorham ........... Jake Foley
Philip Anthony-Rodriguez ..... Agent Kyle Duarte
Marina Black ................. Sarah Heywood
Matt Czuchry ................. Darin Metcalf
Judith Scott ................. Deputy Director Louise Beckett
Keegan Connor Tracy .......... Dr. Diane Hughes

Jake 2.0 Trivia

There were four episodes that were produced but did not originally air after Jake 2.0 was canceled. Their titles were: "Blackout", "Get Foley", "Dead Man Talking", and "Upgrade".

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Jake 2.0 - The First And Only Season

  1. The Tech (9/10/2003)
  2. Training Day (9/17/2003)
  3. Cater Waiter (9/24/2003)
  4. Arms and the Girl (10/1/2003)
  5. The Good, The Bad, and The Geeky (10/8/2003)
  6. Last Man Standing (10/15/2003)
  7. Jerry 2.0 (10/29/2003)
  8. Middleman (11/5/2003)
  9. Whiskey - Tango - Foxtrot (11/12/2003)
  10. The Spy Who Really Liked Me (11/19/2003)
  11. Prince and the Revolution (12/10/2003)
  12. Double Agent (12/17/2003)

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