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Jack Of All Trades

Jack Of All Trades Cast

Series Description:

The Jack Of All Trades TV show was a 30 minute action series that aired in syndication only. It featured Jack Stiles, an American spy stationed on an island in the South Pacific during the early 1800s. His mission was to foil Napoleon's attempts to expand his empire.

Jack Of All Trades Cast

Bruce Campbell ............. Styles
Angela Dotchin ............. Emilia Rothschild
Stephen Papps .............. Brogard
Stuart Devenie ............. Governor Croque

Jack of All Trades Dvds

Jack of All Trades Dvd
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Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. Return Of The Dragoon (1/17/2000)
  2. Sex And The Single Spy (1/24/2000)
  3. The Floundering Father (1/31/2000)
  4. Once You Go Jack... (2/7/2000)
  5. The People's Dragoon (2/14/2000)
  6. Raging Bully (2/21/2000)
  7. Daddy Dearest (3/6/2000)
  8. One Wedding And An Execution (3/13/2000)
  9. Croque For A Day (4/10/2000)
  10. Dead Woman Walking (4/17/2000)
  11. Love Potion Number 10 (4/24/2000)
  12. Up The Creek (5/1/2000)
  13. X Marquis The Spot (5/8/2000)
  14. It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Opera (5/15/2000)
  15. A Horse Of A Different Color (10/2/2000)
  16. Shark Bait (10/9/2000)
  17. Monkey Business (10/23/2000)
  18. The Morning After (10/30/2000)
  19. Crooney In The Pokey (11/6/2000)
  20. One, Two, Three Give Me Lady Liberty (11/13/2000)
  21. Hamnesia (11/20/2000)
  22. Seventy Brides For One Brother (11/27/2000)

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