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I Spy

I Spy Cast

Series Description

The I Spy TV show was a 60 minute spy action series on NBC. Using their "covers" as a professional tennis player and his trainer, a dynamic duo of hip U.S. secret agents roam the world saving the nation and its friends from petty dictators and other bad guys everywhere. It's espionage with a comedic twist. These guys are so smooth that their poor adversaries don't have a chance!

I Spy Cast

Robert Culp ........... Kelly Robinson
Bill Cosby ............ Alexander Scott
Antoinette Bower ...... Shelby Clavell
Sheldon Leonard ....... Sorgi
Kenneth Tobey ......... Russ Conway
Frances Nuyen ......... Sam-Than McLean
Alan Oppenheimer ...... Colonel Benkovsky
Harold Stone .......... Zarkas

I Spy Trivia


I Spy was the first TV show to have an Afro-American star cast in a heroic role!

Bill Cosby has a Doctorate in Education from the University of Massachusetts. His doctoral thesis was titled, "The Integration of Visual Media via Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids into the Elementary Schools Culminating as a Teacher Aid to Achieve Increased Learning".

Thirteen years after appearing as a U.S. secret agent in I Spy, Robert Culp was cast in the role of an FBI agent in "The Greatest American Hero". Actually, the rugged schedule of shooting I Spy caused him on many occasions to say that he didn't even want to see scripts for TV pilots. A friend convinced him to change his mind for "The Greatest American Hero".

Bill Cosby won three Emmys for his portrayal of Alexander Scott in 1966, 1967 and 1968! His wife, Camille Hanks, is a direct descendant of Nancy Hanks ... Abraham Lincoln's mother.

Robert Culp not only starred as Kelly Robinson, he also wrote the scripts for seven of the episodes one of which won an Emmy! He actually started writing scripts during his first series ... "Trackdown (1957)". In episode #70, "Home to Judgement", Culp used his Grandfather as inspiration for the character "Uncle Harry". Later on "The Greatest American Hero", his grandfather would be his inspiration for his role of "Bill Maxwell". Culp also directed some episodes and choreographed his own stunts!

Bill Cosby and Robert Culp had no idea whatsoever about what the other one had done in the business until they met for the first time to read the first "I Spy" script!

You may also want to check out these other Bill Cosby series: "The Cosby Show (1984)", "Cosby Mysteries (1994)", and "Cosby" (1996).

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

1... So Long, Patrick Henry (9/15/1965)
2... A Cup Of Kindness (9/22/1965)
3... Carry Me Back To Old Tsing-Tao (9/29/1965)
4... Chrysanthemum (10/6/1965)
5... Dragon's Teeth (10/13/1965)
6... The Loser (10/20/1965)
7... Danny Was A Million Laughs (10/27/1965)
8... The Time Of The Knife (11/3/1965)
9... No Exchange On Damaged Merchandise (11/10/1965)
10. Tatia (11/17/1965)
11. Weight Of The World (12/1/1965)
12. Three Hours On A Sunday (12/8/1965)
13. Tigers Of Heaven (12/15/1965)
14. Affair In T'Sien Cha (12/29/1965)
15. The Tiger (1/5/1966)
16. The Barter (1/12/1966)
17. Always Say Goodbye (1/26/1966)
18. Court Of The Lion (2/2/1966)
19. Turkish Delight (2/9/1966)
20. Bet Me A Dollar (2/16/1966)
21. Return To Glory (2/23/1966)
22. The Conquest Of Maude Murdock (3/2/1966)
23. A Day Called Jaguar (3/9/1966)
24. Crusade To Limbo (3/23/1966)
25. My Mother, The Spy (3/30/1966)
26. There Was A Little Girl (4/6/1966)
27. It's All Done With Mirrors (4/13/1966)
28. One Thousand Fine (4/27/1966)

Season 2

29. So Coldly Sweet (9/14/1966)
30. Lori (9/21/1966)
31. Sophia (9/28/1966)
32. Vendetta (10/5/1966)
33. A Gift From Alexander (10/12/1966)
34. Trial By Treehouse (10/19/1966)
35. Sparrowhawk (10/26/1966)
36. Will The Real Good Guys Please Stand Up? (11/2/1966)
37. Bridge Of Spies (11/9/1966)
38. One Of Our Bombs Is Missing (11/16/1966)
39. To Florence With Love, Part 1 (11/23/1966)
40. To Florence With Love, Part 2 (11/30/1966)
41. Lisa (12/7/1966)
42. Little Boy Lost (12/14/1966)
43. Father Abraham (12/21/1966)
44. Rome... Take Away Three (12/28/1966)
45. Tonia (1/4/1967)
46. Child Out Of Time (1/11/1967)
47. The Trouble With Temple (1/25/1967)
48. The War Lord (2/1/1967)
49. A Rome With A Rack (2/8/1967)
50. Mainly On The Plains (2/22/1967)
51. Get Thee To A Nunnery (3/1/1967)
52. Blackout (3/8/1967)
53. Magic Mirror (3/15/1967)
54. Night Train To Madrid (3/22/1967)
55. Casanova From Canarsie (3/29/1967)
56. Cops And Robbers (4/12/1967)

Season 3

57. Let's Kill Karlovassi (9/11/1967)
58. The Beautiful Children (9/18/1967)
59. Laya (9/25/1967)
60. The Medarra Block (10/2/1967)
61. Philotimo (10/9/1967)
62. The Honorable Assassins (10/16/1967)
63. Now You See Her, Now You Don't (10/23/1967)
64. Red Sash Of Courage (10/30/1967)
65. The Seventh Captain (11/13/1967)
66. Apollo (11/20/1967)
67. Oedipus At Colonus (11/27/1967)
68. The Lotus Eater (12/11/1967)
69. An American Empress (12/25/1967)
70. Home To Judgment (1/8/1968)
71. Anyplace I Hang Myself Is Home (1/15/1968)
72. Tag, You're It (1/22/1968)
73. A Few Miles West Of Nowhere (1/29/1968)
74. This Guy Smith (2/5/1968)
75. Turnabout For Traitors (2/19/1968)
76. Happy Birthday... Everybody (2/26/1968)
77. Shana (3/4/1968)
78. The Name Of The Game (3/11/1968)
79. Suitable For Framing (3/25/1968)
80. The Spy Business (4/1/1968)
81. Carmelita Is One Of Us (4/8/1968)
82. Pinwheel (4/15/1968)

TV Movie

I Spy Returns (2/3/1994)

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