Invasion Cast
Series Description

The Invasion TV show was a 60 minute sci-fi series on ABC about an attempt by aliens to take over the Earth. A small town near the Everglades in Florida was cut off from the rest of the world by a hurricane. In the middle of the storm, Rose Poole saw lights floating towards the water that appeared totally unaffected by the violent winds. When Rose's father found her mother naked and with no memory of the storm, he put his daughter's account of the lights together with his ex-wife's strange behavior and began to realize that something strange was happening!

Invasion Cast

Eddie Cibrian .... Russell Poole
Alexis Dziena .... Kira Underlay
William Fichtner .... Sheriff Tom Underlay
Aisha Hinds .... Mona Gomez
Ariel Gade .... Rose Poole
Tyler Labine .... Dave Groves
Lisa Sheridan .... Larkin Groves
Kari Matchett .... Mariel
Evan Peters .... Jesse
Rich Skidmore .... TV News Anchor

Invasion Trivia

The Invasion TV show was originally going to be named, "Fathom" but was renamed when the network's legal department could not get legal clearance to use the name.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. Pilot Episode (9/21/2005)
  2. Lights Out (9/28/2005)
  3. Watershed (10/5/2005)
  4. Alpha Male (10/12/2005)
  5. Unnatural Selection (10/19/2005)
  6. The Hunt (10/26/2005)
  7. Fish Story (11/9/2005)
  8. The Cradle (11/16/2005)
  9. The Dredge (11/23/2005)
  10. Origin of Species (11/30/2005)
  11. Us or Them (1/11/2006)
  12. Power (1/18/2006)
  13. Redemption (1/25/2006)
  14. All God's Creatures (2/8/2006)
  15. The Nest (2/15/2006)
  16. The Fittest (3/8/2006)
  17. The Key (3/15/2006)
  18. Re-Evolution (4/19/2006)
  19. The Son Also Rises (4/26/2006)
  20. Run and Gun (5/3/2006)
  21. Round Up (5/10/2006)
  22. The Last Wave Goodbye (5/17/2006)

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