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I'm Dickens He's Fenster

I'm Dickens He's Fenster Cast
Series Description

The I'm Dickens He's Fenster TV show was a 30 minute situation comedy series on ABC about two carpenters who worked for the Bannister Construction Company. Arhie Fenster was a swinging-single guy who drove his married buddy Harry Dickens crazy (with jealousy?)!

I'm Dickens He's Fenster Cast

John Astin ............... Harry Dickens
Marty Ingels ............. Arch Fenster
Emmaline Henry ........... Kate Dickens
Frank DeVol .............. Myron Bannister
Dave Ketchum ............. Mel Warshaw
Henry Beckman ............ Mulligan

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. A Small Matter Of Being Fired (9/28/1962)
  2. Nurse Dickens (10/5/1962)
  3. The Double Life Of Mel Warshaw (10/12/1962)
  4. Harry, The Father Image (10/19/1962)
  5. Part Time Friend (10/26/1962)
  6. The Acting Game (11/2/1962)
  7. The Toupee Story (11/9/1962)
  8. A Wolf In Friend's Clothing (11/16/1962)
  9. Party, Party, Who's Got The Party? (11/23/1962)
  10. The Yellow Badge Of Courage (11/30/1962)
  11. The Joke (12/7/1962)
  12. Love Me, Love My Dog (12/14/1962)
  13. Here's To The Three Of Us (12/21/1962)
  14. Get Off My Back (12/28/1962)
  15. How Not To Succeed In Business (1/4/1963)
  16. The Godfathers (1/11/1963)
  17. The Carpenters Four (1/18/1963)
  18. The Great Valenciaga (1/25/1963)
  19. Mr. Takeover (2/1/1963)
  20. Have Car, Will Quarrel (2/8/1963)
  21. Say It With Pictures (2/15/1963)
  22. Senior Citizen Charlie (2/22/1963)
  23. The Bet (3/1/1963)
  24. The Syndicate (3/8/1963)
  25. Is There A Doctor In The House? (3/15/1963)
  26. Harry, The Contractor (3/22/1963)
  27. Table Tennis, Anyone? (3/29/1963)
  28. Kick Me, Kate (4/5/1963)
  29. Number One Son (4/12/1963)
  30. Big Opening At The Hospital (4/26/1963)
  31. King Archibald, The First (5/3/1963)
  32. Hotel Fenster (5/10/1963)

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