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House Calls

House Calls Cast
Series Description

The House Calls TV show was a 30 minute comedy series on CBS about a group of nutty hospital doctors, nurses and other workers with an emphasis on the romantic antics and unrequited love between a surgeon and an administrative assistant.

House Calls Cast

Wayne Rogers ............ Dr. Charley Michaels
Ray Buktenica ........... Dr. Normon Solomon
David Wayne ............. Dr. Amos Weatherby
Mark L. Taylor .......... Conrad Peckler
Deedy Peters ............ Mrs. Phipps
Aneta Corsaut ........... Head Nurse Bradley
Diane Lander ............ Nurse Sally Bowman (First Season)
Sharon Gless ............ Jane Jeffries (Third Season)
Lynn Redgrave ........... Ann Anderson (Seasons 1-2)
Suzanne Hunt ............ Nurse Shirley Bryan (Seasons 2-3)

House Calls Trivia

A House Calls TV pilot was produced but it was never broadcast.

Lynn Redgrave was fired from the show after the second season. She said that it was because the studio wouldn't let her breat feed her newborn baby between takes. She later sued Universal but the suit was eventually dismissed. Sharon Gless stepped in to replace her character as Dr. Michael's love interest. The change did nothing for the ratings but Gless went on to star on the hit series, "Cagney and Lacey" the very next season!

Many people have said that House Calls never made it into reruns because of the breat feeding controversy but it's more likely that the poor ratings and the relatively small number of episodes produced are the real reasons.

This series was based upon a 1978 movie also titled, "House Calls" that starred Walter Matthau, Glenda Jackson, Art Carney and Richard Benjamin.

Wayne Rogers and Redgrave were both nominated for Emmy Awards for their roles on House Calls and Redgrave also got a Golden Globe nomination.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. Paging Doctor Michaels (12/17/1979)
  2. Final Exams (12/24/1979)
  3. Side by Side (12/31/1979)
  4. Crisis of Confidence (1/7/1980)
  5. Defeat of Clay (1/14/1980)
  6. A Slight Case of Quarantine (1/21/1980)
  7. Mobster Tales (1/28/1980)
  8. Old Is Beautiful (2/4/1980)
  9. The Phantom of Kensington (2/11/1980)
  10. Beast of Kensington (2/18/1980)
  11. I'll Be Suing You (3/3/1980)
  12. Take My Granddaughter Please (3/10/1980)
  13. Rock Around the Doc (3/17/1980)

Season 2

  1. Jailhouse Doc (11/17/1980)
  2. Sex and the Single Surgeon (11/24/1980)
  3. Muggers and Other Strangers (12/1/1980)
  4. Nude Girl in Town (12/8/1980)
  5. Kensington Follies (12/15/1980)
  6. The Dead Beat (12/29/1980)
  7. Tenants, Anyone? (1/5/1981)
  8. In Case of Emergency (1/12/1981)
  9. No Balls, One Strike (1/19/1981)
  10. Bombing Out (1/26/1981)
  11. Six O'Clock Noose (2/2/1981)
  12. Officer Needs Assistance (2/9/1981)
  13. My Son, the Anarchist (2/16/1981)
  14. All About Adam (2/23/1981)
  15. Bye, Bye, American Spy (3/2/1981)
  16. The Magnificent Weatherbys (3/9/1981)
  17. Kleptos and Other Maniacs (3/16/1981)
  18. Adieu, Kind Friend (3/30/1981)
  19. The Hostage Situation (4/6/1981)
  20. Have Peckler, Will Travel (4/13/1981)
  21. The Yes Man (8/17/1981)
  22. Lust Weekend (8/24/1981)

Season 3

  1. Uncle Digby (11/2/1981)
  2. Bradley's Brat (11/9/1981)
  3. Doctor Solomon & Mister Hide (11/16/1981)
  4. The Kensington Connection (11/23/1981)
  5. Son of Emergency (11/30/1981)
  6. Sex Police (12/7/1981)
  7. Losers Weepers (12/28/1981)
  8. Fun With Doc & Jane (1/4/1982)
  9. The Gays of Our Lives (1/11/1982)
  10. Man for All Seasons (1/18/1982)
  11. Con-Con (1/25/1982)
  12. Alien Food (2/1/1982)
  13. It Ain't Necessary to Sew (2/8/1982)
  14. Conventional Warfare (2/15/1982)
  15. Hook, Line, & Sinker (2/22/1982)
  16. Campaign in the Neck (3/1/1982)
  17. Rising Cost of Poverty (3/8/1982)
  18. Deafenwolf (3/29/1982)
  19. The Weatherbys Ride Again (5/17/1982)
  20. Ducks of Hazzard (5/24/1982)
  21. Bone of My Bone (5/31/1982)
  22. In Norman We Trust (6/7/1982)

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