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The Hot Properties TV show was a 30 minute comedy series on ABC about four ladies who work in a Manhattan real estate office. Their lives in pursuit of the perfect man or making their relationships work with their partners while trying to find the American dream in New York's real estate business provided subject matter for great comedy! Ava was in her forties with a husband in his mid twenties and wanting a baby while her biological clock was ticking away. Lola had recently divorced her husband of 10 years after discovering he was gay (what! That didn't work out?) Emerson was a rich girl who believed her fiance when he said that he was a virgin and then found out he had lied. Chloe wanted just one thing ... a man ... any man!

Hot Properties Cast

Gail O'Grady .... Ava Summerlin
Nicole Sullivan .... Chloe
Evan Handler .... Sellers
Stephen Dunham .... Charlie
Audra Blaser .... Emerson Ives
Sofia Vergara .... Lola

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Hot Properties - The First and Only Season

  1. Pilot Episode (10/7/2005)
  2. Chick Stuff (10/14/2005)
  3. Online Dating (10/21/2005)
  4. Sex, Lies & Chubby Chasers (10/28/2005)
  5. Dating Up, Dating Down (11/4/2005)
  6. Waiting For Oprah (11/11/2005)
  7. Return of the Ring (11/15/2005)
  8. When Chloe Met Marco (11/18/2005)
  9. Whatever Lola Wants (11/25/2005)
  10. It's a Wonderful Christmas Carol on 34th Street (12/9/2005)
  11. Killer Bodies (12/16/2005)
  12. GRRR (12/23/2005)
  13. El Dia de Compasion (12/30/2005)

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