Hope Island

Hope Island Cast
Series Description

The Hope Island TV show was a 60 minute drama series on the PAX Television Network.

Hope Island Cast

Cameron Daddo .... Daniel Cooper
Suki Kaiser .... Alex Stone
Allison Hossack .... Molly Brewster
Duncan Fraser .... Brian Brewster
David Lewis .... Kevin Mitchum
Beverley Elliott .... Bonita Vasquez
Haig Sutherland .... Nub Flanders
Brian Jensen .... Boris Obolenski
Veena Sood .... Callie Pender
Matthew Walker .... Father Mac
Max Peters .... Dylan Stone

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. Look One Way And Row Another (9/12/1999)
  2. Each Tub Must Stand On Its Own Bottom (9/19/1999)
  3. It Takes A Voyage To Learn (9/26/1999)
  4. Dear, Dear, Bread And Beer, If I Were Rich, I Wouldn't Be Here (10/3/1999)
  5. The Whole Kettle Of Fish (10/10/1999)
  6. In A Bit Of A Tight (10/18/1999)
  7. You Can't Look At The Sea Without Wishing For Wings (10/25/1999)
  8. From Stern To Stern (11/1/1999)
  9. Sailing Under Flase Colors (10/8/1999)
  10. Ships That Pass In The Night (11/15/1999)
  11. Red Sky At Morning, Sailor Take Warning (11/22/1999)
  12. Batten Down The Hatches (11/29/1999)
  13. Don't Give Up The Ship (12/13/1999)
  14. Twenty Sailors Around A Buttonhole (1/10/2000)
  15. A Sailor Who's Lost His Leg Doesn't Miss His Boot (1/24/2000)
  16. Everyone Must Row With The Oar He Has (2/14/2000)
  17. Promises Made In A Storm Are Forgotten On A Calm Sea (2/28/2000)
  18. New Skies Call For New Duties (3/6/2000)
  19. A Rising Tide Takes All Boats (3/13/2000)
  20. Never Burn Your Tongue On The Admiral's Broth (3/20/2000)
  21. It Blew So Hard It Took Two Men to Hold One Man's Hair On (3/27/2000)
  22. Abandon Ship (4/3/2000)

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