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Hong Kong

Hong Kong Cast
Series Description

The Hong Kong TV show was a 60 minute drama series on ABC about an American news correspondent based in Hong kong who fights to bring criminals to justice.

Hong Kong Cast

Rod Taylor ............... Glenn Evans
Lloyd Bochner ............ Neil Campbell
Jack Kruschen ............ Tully
Mai Tai Sing ............. Ching Mei
Harold Fong .............. Fong
Gerald Jann .............. Ling

Hong Kong Trivia

A pilot episode was produced for the Hong Kong TV show that was used to sell the series but it never aired.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. Clear For Action (9/28/1960)
  2. Murder Royal (10/5/1960)
  3. Pearl Flower (10/12/1960)
  4. Freebooter (10/19/1960)
  5. The Jade Express (10/26/1960)
  6. The Jumping Dragon (11/2/1960)
  7. Blind Bargain (11/9/1960)
  8. Colonel Cat (11/16/1960)
  9. The Turncoat (11/23/1960)
  10. Catch A Star (11/30/1960)
  11. Nine Lives (12/7/1960)
  12. Dragon Cup (12/14/1960)
  13. When Strangers Meet (12/21/1960)
  14. Suitable For Framing (1/4/1961)
  15. Lady Godiva (1/11/1961)
  16. The Survivor (1/18/1961)
  17. Night Cry (1/25/1961)
  18. Double Jeopardy (2/2/1961)
  19. Lesson In Fear (2/9/1961)
  20. The Hunted (2/16/1961)
  21. With Deadly Sorrow (2/23/1961)
  22. Murder By Proxy (3/1/1961)
  23. The Woman In Gray (3/8/1961)
  24. Love, Honor, And Perish (3/15/1961)
  25. The Innocent Exile (3/22/1961)
  26. The Runaway (3/29/1961)

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