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Hey, Jeannie Cast

Series Description

The Hey, Jeannie TV show was a comedy series about a girl from Scotland who comes to the United States to settle in New York City. She, along with her cab driver friend, get into a never-ending series of difficult situations.

Hey, Jeannie Cast

Jeannie Carson .... Jeannie MacLennan
Allen Jenkins .... Al Murray
Jane Dulo .... Liz Murray

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season
  1. Jeannie, The Cab Driver (9/8/1956)
  2. The Witness (9/15/1956)
  3. Paul Revere Show (9/22/1956)
  4. The Stockbroker (9/29/1956)
  5. Jeannie's Here (Flashback Pilot) (10/13/1956)

NOTE: In this Episodes, Jennie thinks back about the first time she met cab driver Al Murray and about good times she's experienced since coming to the United States.

  1. Jeannie Goes To Washington (10/20/1956)
  2. Jeannie In Greenwich Village (10/27/1956)
  3. Jeannie, The Caddy (11/10/1956)
  4. The Mac Lenman Hex (11/17/1956)
  5. The Rock 'N' Roll Kid (11/24/1956)
  6. The Lost Jacket (12/1/1956)
  7. Donut Machine (12/8/1956)
  8. The Proprietor (12/15/1956)
  9. Jeannie, The Cook (12/22/1956)
  10. Jeannie Gets Homesick (12/29/1956)
  11. Jeannie, The Big Sister (1/5/1957)
  12. Jeannie, The Westerner (1/12/1957)
  13. Jeannie, The Heiress (1/19/1957)
  14. The Business Girl (1/26/1957)
  15. Jeannie, The Girl Ranger (2/2/1957)
  16. Jeannie's Income Tax (2/9/1957)
  17. Jeannie, The Wac (2/16/1957)
  18. Jeannie, The Hostage (2/23/1957)
  19. Jeannie, The Policewoman (3/2/1957)
  20. Jeannie Plays Cupid (3/9/1957)
  21. Three's A Crowd (3/16/1957)

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