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Hell's Kitchen

Hell's Kitchen Cast
Series Description

Hell's Kitchen is a 60 minute competitive reality series on FOX that takes place at famed chef Gordon Ramsey's Hollywood, California restaurant named, "Hell's Kitchen". Each episode he rules havoc over young, wannabe chefs who must deal with his ire and verbal abuse while vying to win their dream restaurant.

Hell's Kitchen Cast

Gordon Ramsay ................. Host

Hell's Kitchen Theme Song

Title: "Fire"

Performed By: "The Ohio Players"

Partial Lyrics as performed on Hell's Kitchen:

It's all about

The way you walk and talk really sets me off
To a full alarm, child, yes, it does
The way you squeeze and tease, knocks to me my knees
Cause I'm smokin', baby, baby

The way you swerve and curve, really wrecks my nerves
And I'm so excited, child, yeah
The way you push, push let's me know that you're good
You're gonna get your wish, oh, no

What I said, child, ow

Hell's Kitchen Trivia

Gordon Ramsay's dining room on Hell's Kitchen is located at the former KCOP news studios. The contestants live behind the restaurant during filming in an addition that was added on to the building.

The first three seasons had 12 contestants; the fourth had 15 contestants and the fifth had 16.

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